Crashing in Attribute Skill Section

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I just reset my skills, and I’ve been able to apply most of my selections, but for some reason when I got the attribute section, it crashes. Oddly I was able to apply several skill points in this section, and I’m able to get in one every now and again between crashes. But it will only tolerate me being in that section for a few seconds. Additionally, applying a skill to Dexterity seems completely intolerable to the game. It just doesn’t want me to swing faster!

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We haven’t been able to reproduce this. If it happens again after the update, please submit a crash dump.

Me too! I thought it was because my computer was too full because in the top corner my computer would tell me the disk is full almost every other time I crashed…(im running an imac and just updated to newest os, high sierra)
It turns out my hard drive was filling up with core dump files, consuming over 940Gb.
Not sure if its related though…

Yeah, it looks like this is no longer occurring after the update!