Crazy Acount Upgrade Question

With the upper tier account packages, you get another access key for when the game is launched, so here are my questions:

  1. Is the “at-launch key” similar to the Trailblazer package?
  2. Can I get a username reserved for that launch key?
  3. Is there a way to upgrade the extra launch key to an “early access” key by purchasing a higher tier for it? If so, then how much would it cost?

well i can answer 1 of them

third: you cant upgrade your launch key to an early acess key other than just buying another pack, you can upgrade your tiers though by mailing them asking about it and then you just have to pay the difference :smile:

No - Trailblazer is a backer before launch.

A launch key is simply a key to the game without any additional perks.

Yes - if you create an account for this forum, then you can use the same account for Oort Online once the game launches.

At the moment we’re not offering upgrades for the launch keys.