Crazy amount of wildlife and meteorite (Video)

Figured to hit Rec. when I noticed there were 20+ mobs. LMAO what an experience.

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@james not sure but this may be a bug, I was playing solo and there were easily over 20+ creatures. With most of them not being from the meteorite.

You mercilessly picked them off one at a time…

The Meteorite portals shouldn’t open over the water.

Hahahaha I did, yes. Didn’t know if it was normal for that many to be in one place.

I got that situation on Septerfon earlier. The site was next to wildstock herd and a few spitters spawning on a slope. I got an army on me. Thankfully it was only a moon world so I managed without dying but it was close a few times and I needed to run around to pick them out in 2s and 3s.

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Yea as James had said I just picked them off mercilessly haha was a little easy on ice since the Woodstock couldn’t really charge.

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Ice is my favorite to hunt wildstock cause of that. Not so good when you are trying to dodge all the shooting of spitters and cuttletrunks. Or gain speed trying to lose some of them.

Yea guess I had it pretty easy with the ice and the one mob portal was over the water.