CRAZY IDEA : what if there was no automatic regen on prestigious dead beacons?


And if the server shuts down, as has happened to many other mmo’s, everything is gone.


To be fair, say if you played in Legion, then came back in Battle for azeroth, your artifact went poof. And the heart of azeroth is extremely likely to go poof once the next xpac comes out. Your gear is crud when you come back, inflation has made your gold reserves worth much less, your no longer max level (if you quit for a long enough period). Those are the progression systems of WoW, and they do degrade when you leave for long periods.

You do keep your inventory in boundless (each of your characters). So that’s what 28 inventory slots each? plus all the coin doesn’t go away (although it’s value could still decline but that even happens if you bury cash in your back yard). I understand the frustration, of course there are those of us in the community who have offered lots of solutions for “planed” time off from the game. Fif’s Storage Unit’s are open for business is my own example of this (not a rental, and if I run out I’ll build more, and if you want I could drop a location of these with a gleam club beacon wherever you wanted, so you could store everything of value there).

Otherwise, I do like the idea of prestigious builds turning into “ruins of [insert beacon name]”. Make this area regen at a rate of like 50x slower until it falls below X prestige, in which it simply goes the rest of the way wild and normal regen rules apply. I would say X prestige is something like 25% of the beacon’s original prestige, but it could also be a fixed amount like 150k or something. I do think the much slower regen would be helpful for people to find and recover hard work, but also makes it possible to find only partially regened places which are always my favorite when I go loot… I mean recovering, yeah that word sounds nicer…


I gave you a like for the awesome build! I kinda like the way it works now though beacon wise plus you have the pics I think someone would love to have it if you left. Msg me if that day occurs I would love to play caretaker to that beauty. I save builds many times in this game.Unfortunately I have given some to folks that ended up leaving and it getting regened anyway sadly.


Im 100% support the idea, high prestige beacons should not be decayed. Its better to be remain there and waiting for someone to claim / loot


Thanks. Though I don’t plan on leaving just yet. I have still about 30 weeks of Gleam Club, and I plan to extend that duration. But when Hytale goes live, I might not come back as often as now, especially if things are still the same regarding the roadmap and the lack of block variety and props/furniture, etc.

I made this thread because I was thinking about a friend of mine who spent weeks on his build, made a neat water temple on Raxxa, and he lost it all to world regen because he wasn’t available during a week-end and forgot to fuel things. Lost his tools, his weapons, all his loot and work. Had I known, I would’ve saved it.
That friend is now working with me at the Raxxian Sanctuary (picture in the OP). Gave him some space to do things. Actually gave me the will to keep going on with Boundless for longer… because let’s just say the Exo-worlds didn’t.


I do not think any builds should be exempt from regen when the beacon runs out.

If I remember correctly all the regen in boundless is handled using the same system. So what happens to a build is what happens to where someone mined. I am not sure this is worth the time to find a way to separate player builds where the beacon expired from the regular regen. How would the system take into account the difference between changing the landscape to accommodate a player house and collecting soil? I know you are saying over a certain prestige but players could affect a large area around a build that would in essence never ever regen. I do not think this should be changed.


I think that is why they want you to get gleam club so you dont have to worry about forgetting. I have had gleam club and not had gleam club and i have had a few nail biters where i got down pretty low without gleam but i think you get plenty of time plus if you got friends or guild group they can fuel you. I just think ppl generally rage quit then decide to come back only to find its reclaimed or regened and then they get upset.If my friend said he was gonna be gone awhile watch my place and fuel me I would.


Though if players are bothered by an abandoned build, they could use a few regen bombs and fix the problem themselves.

In any case, I think i’ve made my case, there.
I’d be curious to know how the devs themselves think about this.


Why should I have to spend time and resources to remove something that someone no longer playing the game has left? And why again should the developers have to spend time and effort to create a new mechanic to have the game leave player builds alone after the beacon expires? This does nothing to help the returning player as it is likely that their build will have been pillaged for anything of value.


Why use your time and ressources, well, easy. If you wanna take the land for yourself, of course.

Or let’s say you liked the build when it was owned, but now it’s abandoned. You can take it back and ‘renovate’ it, whereas now, you most likely couldn’t because the thing would regen in a day or so.

As for the devs spending time on stuff you don’t agree with, personal advice : just don’t go there. They don’t like that. I’ve been burnt arguing on that before. Let them deal with the logistics and priorities.

Finally, if I was a returning player, I’d rather have ‘something’ that I can come back to than nothing.


If this is really about having something for returning players, then players taking a break have options. They can buy gleam club or they can give someone permissions to fuel their beacons. This means every player has options.

The argument that they may not have someone they can trust to fuel the beacon or have the cash to pay for gleam club is not addressed by just having the build remain after the beacon expires. If no one protects the build then it is subject to being removed by other players anyway so it does not solve the problem. It just litters the planets with abandoned builds. This is something we had to deal with in EA until the beacon system was put in place. So you could argue the developers have addressed this by introducing the beacon system in the first place.


I am a bit confused why people think an unbeaconed build will survive even if it is no regened. Builds will just be scavanged down to the ground or taken over and you still will not have anything left to return to.


It’s a bit big to expect that everyone can afford the Gleam Club as if it’s nothing, or that everyone plays the game to make friends.

Was there regen bombs during EA?

As I’ve said already, I’d rather have that than knowing that everything just despawned into nothingness.

But I’d also find that it’d be a good compromise if world regen was drastically slowed down for zones that were in a beacon.


The whole argument pivots on “everthing I built is gone”, then it being scavenged to nothing is the same thing. Lots of people who know they are leaving etc make a post, add people to the beacon and let them tear it down. Additionally you can just add a friend and have them maintain the beacon, I do not see a reason to change a system when you can already do what you have suggested. A REALLY good solution would be the ability to save a build as a schematic, which would let you recreate your build when you return.


Agreed, There could be a market for people selling their designs and stuff.
But that’d be a whole different thread.


I agree with you as I said in my comments, but just having the build be there with no protection from a beacon does not prevent it from being taken down by other players so it does not really “save” a build for returning players.

I honestly do not remember. But I still struggle with making active players clean up after players that quit?


not sure if already been mantioned in terms of someone coming along who may want to take it over. With an active beacon recording the amount of plots attached, in it’s ruined/abandoned state it could still record the x amount of plots that were attached and with system having data of where the plots were active, someone wanting to take it over could fuel the beacon if they had enough plots and it would use your plots in the same places to recover the build.


Again, I’d rather know that my build was salvaged and that my work can somehow be useful to someone than know that it has just despawned. If people come to pillage it, maybe they’ll leave enough stuff so that I can start over in case I just failed to refuel the build.
Having someone come and pillage an abandoned build on day 1 is just a possibility, unlike the current system of auto-regen after a day or so.
This could then be seen as a security measure.

As it turns out, my friend lost everything by accident. He just forgot the check how long he had on his beacon. He can’t afford the gleam club. He didn’t ask me to fuel things for him (because he thought he had it under control).

And again, you say “clean up after players that quit” as if they left a pile of dirt. If there’s a minimum prestige level required for this suggestion to be applied, it might not ever need to be cleaned up. It might stay as a landmark that is appreciated by the community.
But if it is indeed a prestigious pile of dirt, I’d clean it if I could.
But also, consider this.
If people come and pillage all the prestigious stuff that there is, it then falls under the prestige level required, and then falls back into the regular rules and regens in a day.

In any case, I’m pretty sure there’s more people who leave the game because of how world regen works and can destroy your stuff rather than people who leave because there’s too many people who plot for months just to protect houses made of dirt.
The way I see it, applying this suggestion would help keeping more players.

It’s in one of the last paragraphs on my original post. :wink:


I love my builds too… but one of the things I love about this game is the fact that all this art, which our builds are, is not meant to last forever. I actually get kind of excited when I think about what a goldmine my base is and how someday my stuff will expire and some lucky Oortian will race to grab all my stuff… (hopefully no regen trolls)

I don’t think builds should do anything different than what the current system allows. We would have so many dead builds… ugh… just no. There are too many already.

For those worried about loosing their stuff if they take an extended break… put all your coils and expensive/hard to get items in your toons inventory… you can have 10 toons so you can carry a lot of stuff… sell/chrysominter the rest and hold the coin. Then, if you come back you can rebuild without starting 100% over. Just make sure to hold a beacon, fuel and storage shelves on at least one toon so you can unload the inventory and rebuild.


if(block.artificial) { regenChance = 0.1; }
else { regenChance = 1 }

Honestly no idea how the regen works :smiley: