CRAZY IDEA : what if there was no automatic regen on prestigious dead beacons?


So I know, this is going to sound like a crazy dumb idea, but I just thought about that while on the johns, and…

I thought “what if one day I stop playing the game, what will become of everything I did?”
I spent months working on my build, over time, making something nice to see.

There’s no way for me to gift my build to someone who’d still be active, since it has hundreds of plots, that’d be crazy to do it manually.
If the beacon runs out of fuel, one day later, it would all be gone. All the things I collected, all the things I did, as if I never even played there. That’s a terrifying notion.

But what if it didn’t?
I’d be fine with the idea that all my work could become a free-for-all thing where every player can grab whatever they want inside until someone actually comes with a world-regeneration-bomb.
What if the game was like “well, this WAS in a beacon with a certain level of prestige (like Village or Town), so instead of simply removing the beacon, all these plots will turn into something else”.

Maybe we could have a new type of plot.
You know how we have “reserved” plots under or above a beaconed plot, which are the basis for public farms? What if a beacon (above Village rank in prestige) that ran out of fuel became a type of plot called… let’s say “ruins”? The beacon is still there, but unfuelled. These zones stop regenerating automatically, and everyone can take it over, everyone can take the things in its containers, but the sparks are down and the machines don’t work.

People could mine all the blocks, unless someone goes “well, I can afford the number of plots these ruins are made of” and refuels the beacon. If he has enough un-used plots, you can spend them to take over the ruins in one fell swoop and become their new owner.

If someone REALLY wanna take the thing down like “ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat”, well, regen bombs already exist.

Would you be against something like that?

EDIT : as I mentioned somewhere below, it would also only be logical that if the ruins fall below the prestige required to get the ‘ruined’ status (by being plundered), then the beacon disappears and what’s left becomes elligible for world regeneration. Some ruins could be juuuuust above the requirement, making them very easy to remove.

The truth of the matter is that the current system has issues. Many many many players leave the game disgruntled when they loose their stuff, and all people can tell them is “deal with it” or act like Captain Insight.
The only reason why people support the current system is because they don’t want to see abandonned mud houses littering the world. That’s understandable. But the players who lose their things will often leave a negative review on Steam about this, and I’d argue that this is far more concerning for Wonderstruck than having some landmarks left by players here and there, especially if they can be easily removed.

What would you do if there was no world regen and you found a dead beacon?
What turns you off playing Boundless?
What Should Happen When A Beacon Expires
What Should Happen When A Beacon Expires

one pretty thing that gone forever :heart:


I kinda really like this idea. It would give us player-generated ruins/castles/surprises without the devs having to add them. And it can be done now.

It would give people a chance to own/live in, a possibly beautiful well-built place, and the build would be preserved at the same time.

Or pirates could pick it to death and then someone could toss a regen bomb at it before they build something lol


Players could also use this feature to create mini-games…come find X build…or what if there was a vague universal chat message alert that went out to everyone that announced: “A beacon on planet X, with 250 plots has expired”. Everyone would rush to go find it like a treasure hunt


I love it. This could give the game some real time history. Another good term for the dead plots could be ‘abandoned’. Other players could claim it with plots of their own as well. Also, if deterioration effects like fire ever get added to the game, wood blocks on these dead plots could potentially burn and turn to ash, or stone blocks turning to gravel, or glass to sand.

+++++++++1 this is a wonderful idea.


Perhaps just slowing the regen rate of the said expired plotted area. 5x slower or something so we actually have time to find and save it or part of it…


Think I’d still like regen but on a much slower timescale, it’d be cool fix it up myself


Could be a very nice idea, would also make it easier to give builds to alts and other players. But let’s put it in the pile for stuff to add in a few years time, plenty of other stuff they are still working on that I find way more important.

Also they probably wrote the code for beacons a long time ago and moved on since then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I’m sorry, couldn’t resist that last bit! :smile:


Some regen has to occur, otherwise we are gonna have years worth of dead ruins EVERYWHERE and someone, who wanted to build nearby, would have to clear all the old sh!t if it’s ugly.


Yeah, at the same time how hard are regen bombs to come by?


I think what can be worse than that, is when people fuel a beacon that has half regen’d and then they never do anything with it so you have to jump over holes.

OP did specify builds of a certain prestige level — meaning they would have blocks that people would like to take. I have seen groups of people rush to ravage a build that was nothing but refined blocks

Maybe those builds could last for up to 4 weeks for pirates unless somebody regen bombs them. If there was a universal system-wide alert notice that a beacon went wild on a planet I’m sure it would disappear very quickly lol


I personally wouldn’t mind having to use regen-bombs to clean things that are in an abandoned state.
Those bombs have an incredibly big AoE effect, they’re easy to find, cheap to make. It’s not like in Creativerse where once an admin removes your plots, other people have to manually clean things and try to restore the zone to a somewhat natural state one block at a time. With regen bombs, the ‘old sh!t’ is cleaned in minutes.

I mentioned that there should be a minimum prestige level for your build to not regen after loss of fuel. Maybe the minimum could be Town. Not everyone can reach that. It takes time to reach it. Usually, when you’re at 1.250.000 prestige, what you did should be salvageable.


Yeah, I suppose. Easiest solution would probably be just leave it without despawning for like a week or something, then let it disappear. But I dunno how that would interfere with players just placing random blocks everywhere, I guess those would stay for a week too :thinking:


Yes. I like this idea a lot. To expound on it. I would set a prestige or plot size trigger that tells the beacon that once the build goes wild to go into an interim phase where no one can reclaim the plots for 6 months. During that time, the beacon needs to solicit an optional response to anyone that examines it that simply asks, “allow ruins?” “yes/no.” Then after the 6 months interim period expires, either continue into the natural degeneration or preserve the area indefinitely (based on how everyone voted.) Savvy?


All I can say, is that if you are looking to leave the game, hit me up and I will take over your build because you know how much I loved it. In fact if we had PVP I might raid and take it over! I need your house! lol… Or give perms to a friends/guild and allow others to keep it fueled. As long as your account exists your builds can using your same plots.

I’m not opposed to some type of ruins idea but I think which build stays and which does not is a big subjective conversation…

I think the problem with this is over time more and more things would just stay in the game. We saw this in EA when people would never let go of so many builds because of different reasons… areas would not die. As more and more players come and go the worlds would get more and more littered. I’ve mentioned this before that I think 2 years from now this game will be pretty stale in what we see and stuff like we had during EA with Therka, etc.

I think at most the regen timers could last a bit longer on player placed blocks versus normal planet blocks.


The nature of an mmo, all your time and effort can go poof in a moments notice. Would kill for offline play so that even when official servers go down I could still play. It has been suggested elsewhere to have big builds become ruins and join the regen system, in this system all blocks would degrade to basic stone/rock but most of the shaping would remain partially buried.


Two well thought out ideas hitting the forums in one day that are providing the civil flow of ideas…things are getting crazy up in here! Kudos @Goblinounours. Beautiful house too! I need to go see it now.


In the last year, I’ve now been playing a full year, I’ve seen many gorgeous builds melt down or poof they’re gone next time I drop by. I’ve seen different things occur around these happenings like anyone who is lucky enough to discover the orange blocks gets hella loot (I’ve helped mule for a friend on this once) tup to about a month ago when a neighbor says I’m out, gotta new addiction, er uh I mean game and you can come geab or destroy or claim my beacon. Of course I could not exactly claim the beacon, but I did immediately freak out (danced and then thought omg I need plots, deleted some bought others, ran around and plotted to stop the regen, yada yada, here’s all I really got to add though… YEAH, WHAT THIS GUY SAID! :+1: Bravo


If the build is finished, why unplot it or let it run out of fuel when leaving the game?

Give full access to a friend, guildmate or passerby and let him use the land and the loot and preserve the build by fueling it from time to time!



Uh, no.
In World of Warcraft, if I stop playing, my guild is still there. My characters are still there. My inventory doesn’t go poof. I keep my mounts.
In Creativerse, my builds are known to be of a certain level of quality, so if I get online right now, I have no doubts that everything is still there.
I don’t know which MMO you’re talking about. Boundless is the only one that I know in which that kind of thing can happen.

In my case, most of my friends have left the game. I’d have to give it to someone I don’t know very well…

I’ll look at you very differently from now on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Same. In all of my games…WoW, Trove, PK, Creativerse, Terraria, RS, OSRS, MC… everything I’ve earned or created stays there. That’s probably why so many new BL players rage quit when their stuff expires & disappears.