CRAZY IDEA : Wooden square chisel

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How about a Wooden Square chisel that cuts half of a block instead of cutting ¼ of a block?

I know, right? You were expecting a wall-of-text with schematics like I usually do? Well too bad!

  • Yay, I want me some wooden chisel action!
  • Meh, I don’t need dat wooden chisel…
  • Nay, keep you wooden chisel far away from me!

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Let’s make it more crazy and do it in 4 steps so you can have 1/4 slab

Wooden chisels could be doing sth else entirely - like changing block texture (switching of texture orientation in 1st hit, if available; switching to different texture with the 2nd hit, if available; switching orientation of texture gotten with previous hit with the 3rd hit of the chisel and so on).

For example, metamorphic rock with stripes displayed would behave as follows:
1st hit - changing orientation of stripes
2nd hit - changing texture to the stripe-less one
3rd hit - changing orientation of stripe-less texture
4th hit - changing texture back to stripes

It would make builders life easier by a lot. Would also make it possible to get certain texture combination impossible now maybe (like the meta rock stripe-less texture cannot be displayed on side in all directions: it’s either NS or EW orientation that always gets stripes, while the other always gets stripes).

It could also be achievable by introducing a boon - but don’t we have too many of them?
And placing and then turning blocks is such a basic activity in game - wouldn’t it be great to have this finally covered by a simple tool?
Btw - at least one wooden toll would actually be needed and used.

Any other ideas to make wooden tools needed more? Any simple and unique (not OP) uses for wooden hammers, axes, shovels etc?

Sorry @Goblinounours - I got carried away lol. You didn’t create wall of text, so I did. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::wink:


I voted “meh” on this just because I’m not feeling the need for a 5th chisel type that makes a same shape.

It won’t make steps, which is the first thing I needed a chisel for, and I suspect other new builders as well. It would have wood durability so it’s not much worth forging effects onto it either.

I finally started crafting non-precise gem chisels just so i could get all 9 chisel types into one stack and cut down on the juggling.

@boundmore I like this idea and would like to see a tool for it, but even though I don’t want it to be a chisel boon (I couldn’t carry all my chisels in one stack again) I don’t see it as a good idea to make the first chisel a player can craft into a tool that doesn’t chisel anything, and is mostly useful for blocks they won’t have yet.

Sorry I feel like a downer now but I figured I would at least share my reasoning for the “meh” vote. I don’t think it would hurt anything really but I don’t see an actual need either, it sort of just seems like more clutter.

Even the simplest blocks, starting with rock, wood and then stone and then refined (which are easy to get to), have different faces and different orientation of them.

But yeah, I get where you coming from here.

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Sounds like a great way to introduce new players to chiseling. Would easily fit into the tutorial

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