Crazy lag on Eresho

I’m in US central
It’s real bad

Not just Eresho

Eresho is fine for me
Boori is normally lag central for me but I passed through it just fine :man_shrugging:

Got stuck on Circa

Exo Xortis:

And the forum is slow too.
Strange, my alt on Circa working fine…

All the EU worlds lagging. Finata, Arie, circa, not even gonna try an exo right now even though I’d like to

ok so its not just me, i thought it was my network acting up

Yeah I been kicked off PS4 and PC on xafrant…No Mans Sky here I come!


Not a bad idea lol

I drowned in a puddle :frowning:
At least I think that’s what happened. I wouldn’t know, I just ended up dead.

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Time to upgrade the potato servers? Lol

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Supposedly it’s a routing thing and using a VPN fixes it all.

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You sure wiki tells different


I cannot connect to any EUC servers. US and AUS both work just fine.

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Noticeable delay between action of the player and reaction of the server it says. What is incorrect about that?

We kinda tend to forget that with normal games you only play on local servers, there is no need to go to a server in AUS or USW if you are located in the EU, with Boundless we planet hop a lot and thus are in all regions expecting to be able to play at all times.

Sadly, there can be the occasional routing issue, say a sea cable broke between the US and EU then all traffic to and from there will experience a slow down since all traffic now needs to go over 1 less cable.
A in-between router could be having issues, power outage, bugs, anything and again all traffic will notice.

Locally this is usually less of an issue since the internet is designed like a web and it will find another route to it’s destination, plus the remote machines are closer by to begin with so any such delay a re-routing to a slightly less optimal route might not even be noticeable…

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Ummm why is that a reply to me ,if someone knows about networks it’s me O.o the image is a joke just saying…

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But I dont mind the lag to be honest, it gives me time to do something else, wel it forces me to do something else. So I’ll feed my dog and walk my dog it’s been 18 weeks …

I cant connect to the game at all it keeps giving me connection to server lost msg…

… often found in boundless. :'D
yea like Aenea said, difference here is that we use world wide servers not only locals, hence so much lag related issues.


Only bad thing living on a t6 world lag so bad I’m on house Arrest I went to kol kuroo I died 13 times falling off a cliff I watched myself die 13 times that’s not good for a baby too see