Create your own race!

This is similar to Zeathoros’s Oort Online Race Suggestions topic, but this one will have drawings instead of descriptions.

This is for anyone that has a paper and pencil, pen, tablet, anything that you can draw with! :smiley:

What you need to do:
Pick an animal or mix of animals that interest you

  • Find reference images
  • Draw it NOT realistically, but try to make it look geometric.
  • Some curvy lines and shapes are okay, it’s a concept, not a perfection contest. As long as the idea’s there and the message is clear, then that’s all you need! :smile:

My example:

  • If you’re stuck in creating your race, find:
  • The basic shape
  • Where the light hits most

try working this way if you like:

  • start off with a silhouette of your race
  • What does it look like to you
  • Does the shape closely resemble to what you’re thinking of?
  • Show it to someone else, Is this how you want your viewers to see it as in first glance?
    • if not, keep the silhouette for later ideas or post it along with your other race concepts.
    • if it is, good job! either make more silhouettes similar to that shape and finish the early designs by adding in values, or just finish that one silhouette.
    • DON’T immediately throw it away if they see it as something different, working with happy accidents is another way of finding great ideas.

Looking forward to see what you guys come up with :>

(I’ll be editing this more and more later on to make it more clear and organized to everyone, I’m really bad at explaining things :frowning: )


I will pay money to play as that sexy owlbeast.

just sayin’

currently between working tablets…
you’re getting me all stoked to draw, though. >:T

I second that.

I think that a fish race isnt getting enough attention though, so i drew one :3


+1 for fish race.

(or at least amphibious!)

To be fair. that is not my post xD

… seeing you make so many suggestions made me thought it was you for some reason >->’

fixed and ty :smiley:

Oh geez that fish has been working out o-o

splash really is effective after all

Keep em coming everyone!

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Screw you @Nyuudles ! You inspired me to stay up to 1:45am drawin stuff >:L (thanks?)
I made a lynx cuz they’re great. I just started stealing the brown tones from the original concepts because I wanted my colors to be nicer looking :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m going to try to make this more cubist tomorrow.



If anyone of you are trying to imitate the color values from the original Oort Concepts, Here’s the palette I made

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I gave as answer “Lizard” when we were asked to name a race. So here is a quick drawing :wink:

Seeing the character reminded me of a muse I made a long, long while ago names Toshi. It took me forever to fish up these old files but the style somewhat reminded me of him.

There will probably be some kind of feline race :smile:

Anyhoo, here’s the drawings I’d done of him.


Cool, looks very nice … I think we definitely need an emo-cat race ingame :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have like 0 skills with art. I just made an attempt at a “red-panda” race, but it was a complete bust. Anyway, I really, REALLY love the owls. I love owls so much! I’d be in heaven if they were added.

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I think I’ll post something, even though I am just bad at this.

My thoughts are along the lines of something that would be smaller, and probably more agile as far as racials go. However, it needs very large ears and a big fluffy tail. Why? Because cuteness.

Haha, that was my long bang drawing phase, thankfully it passed.

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I think that this game should stand out from others, such as your graphics. Of course, you all have cool ideas, models do not have to be perfect but not polygonal as in Minecraft, more polygons Should improve visual quality.
Do not expect a super 3d models, but that they are not so angular.

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That’s kinda cute, good drawing.

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Owls huh?


I hate owls since I played that game :smiley: