Creative bug: flying is super wonky if you have “toggle creep” on for ps4

Not sure if it’s the same for PC

Basically if you tap circle it makes you fall to the ground and stick to it until you press circle again then x to fly

Super unintuitive

Might also be a good time to add a “crouch” indicator to the game as well as a “flying” indicator.

it is equally wonky on PC. This is the same behavior underwater.

It does, however, give you the ability to bypass the acceleration.

If you have toggle creep on, and hold jump, you’ll be able to remain still but still have max velocity, so as soon as you press a movement direction or untoggle creep you move really fast.

You get used to it pretty quickly from our messing around on Testing, but it does have a bit of a learning curve

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Yeah they should fix this for underwater too

In the case described here, the character simply falls but never comes out of flying mode, which you would have to cancel by pressing the appropriate button. The character falling does seem strange however (after enabling the Toggle Creep option), so it’s been added to the bug database