Creative Feedback / Advice for Large Builds

Hello All,

I’m creating my first large (25x25x15) build. I was hoping to get feedback as I have only worked on builds 1/5th the size before.

All props to CG_Pitbull for the model. I painted the creation as best I could. I’m hoping to get some feedback around improvements to the model / coloring. Also any input on building something large would help. I love getting advice from people who have done things like this before.

Here it is:

It’s sort of morphed into a space station / base / ship. It’s a bit smaller than one would expect, but I’m trying to work within the 256x block limit, so this is the balanced I reached between size, buildability and “realism” in BL.


From what I see it has many advanced shapes - shapes that are not based on rectangles. Because of that it may take long to build. You must also make sure you have enough free space around you - new worlds would be best for that.

If you want to build that project you will need a solid grid. Block by block and plot grid. Idk which program you used but I recommend Magica Voxel You can try importing .vox project into that program and build with good visual support. Magica Voxel supports models up to 126x126x126 so you would have to split it (or use magica voxel viewer).

an example project with grid ON

Btw if you need more feedback you can join our guild discord and ask more questions :wink: Chisel Knights


Advice: start asap because I can’t wait to see the finished product. :heart_eyes:

And +1 for everything @Karokendo said


I’ve never built anything big before but even with my smaller builds it keeps me motivated to set milestones along the way. Like maybe there’s a tower you like that you can start with first, then grow it out to the next piece. A job like this could take many weeks and if it looks mostly unfinished along the way you will be less likely to finish it.

And plot all the land first so you know you have it!

Plan your build first. Calculate well.
Also with this you might wanna do it from "outside to inside " at least do outlines first that you see in person what you dealing with
Edit. Good luck thats gonna take sometime.

over 9k plots is a decent amount of plots.

I’m estimating 3-4K plots, assuming 1k for the bottom (so no one can block me out) and only additional plots for areas that contain the build itself.

and if the estimation is wrong?

I do own a rock shop ; )

lol but do you have the hard cash, that it would require?

Good point. I’ll measure to make sure it fits in my expectations. Prelims say yes, but I can make sure.

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Three things, two repeated for emphasis:

  1. As @a13o said, work on the build in segments - maybe finish the central tower and then do the wings? The biggest danger I see with this is you not completing it because you become psychologically drained. Definitely a mistake I’ve made before.

  2. As @Buugi said, make VERY precise measurements before you start doing any serious work, just like a real contractor would. If your symmetry is off on any part of the project after you’ve already laid thousands of bricks, you’ll be kicking yourself the entire time as you tear it back down.

  3. Take an honest look at what you’re building, as you’re building it… The reason I never liked using MagicaVoxel is that it doesn’t allow for the chiseling options that can make such a difference in this game, and also that an object’s appearance changes with your perspective when you’re actually standing in front of it in a 3D environment. Don’t be afraid to alter your plans if it just doesn’t feel right.


One thing I’m worried about after building the platform today is that I don’t think it will fit within the LoD

Here we go…

Magica voxel suports bigger builds my build is 28x 21x 21 or something close to it. you have to build it in sections or cut it in to section the only thing I haven’t found magica voxel cant do i count the amount of blocks ther is in each color.

Portal seekers is a great guild with alot of good builders. A greate community :slight_smile: we have several Huge build going on right now with many players helping echothers.