Creative Knowledge tab

I dont know if this is just normal but when we go into a creative world shouldnt everything be unlocked cause my friend is missing higher end blocks like marble from his knowledge tab and I guess its because he never made them in survival.

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i think the “able to craft” filter gets in the way sometimes. Make sure that’s not on and see if the items are there.

Edit: to clarify… I think the able to craft filter checks your skills like you are trying to craft it. If you turn that filter off then the list should no longer be filtered based on your skill tree and should show you everything.


Oh that was it lol thank you he can see things now never noticed that myself.


Glad it solved the problem for him.

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Sounds like something to fix

Also IMO the knowledge tab should be next to the inventory tab at least on creative - and maybe on survival too


Think it is working as intended. It is filtering correctly based on what you are currently “able to craft”. Just need to remember to take that filter off when on creative vs survival if you are trying to give yourself stuff. You could still craft stuff on creative I guess, though not sure why you would.

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I mean I guess, but that’s kind of the edge case to end all edge cases lol

Agreed, but it is working the way it was designed. By having filter set to “able to craft” it is filtering the menu you are currently on to show only things that you are “able to craft”. Changing the way that filter option behaves just for creative might make things even more confusing for those that switch back and forth between creative and survival.

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Maybe in both modes if you scroll to the bottom there should be a button “you have filters on, click here to turn them off and view all items”

the filter box could be highlighted if any filter is on - just to make it visible (kinda screaming at you that some filtering is on)

it is easy to forget and not notice that a filter is on

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The filter box already displays the filters that are active. If you ignore the filter box telling you filters are engaged, then you’re likely going to ignore a bigger, brighter filter box telling you that filters are engaged. It’s an age-old human interface design chestnut that making something you are blind to more visible is not going to make you see it.

The problem here probably stems from the fact that ‘Able to Craft’ is ambiguous. In the knowledge tab it means you have the knowledge to craft the item. In a machine Recipes menu it means you have bot the knowledge and ingredients to craft the item. On a Creative World it should list what you can grant yourself, which is everything.

Me, I just alt-tab over to the wiki page for the knowledge unless I’m looking to load a shop into the compass.

Able to craft filter should just be off by default. This is another much needed QOL improvement that adds sadness to the game until fixed.