Creative Mode Idea

So I wish there was something like creative mode in Minecraft. This would be a separate option when you make a new character.

How it works

When you create a new character you can choose between two mode. Creative or Normal.
Only one character can be in creative mode.

Basically creative mode would give you a medium size world that is single player. You will have everything available in a creative menu.

Why this?

Some of us are new players and do not know much about the blocks available. I think it would be cool if you could test how blocks look together and practice designing buildings.

Also, due to level cap, you will not be able to get every skill. Therefore, I am spending all skills on crafting to make sure I can get the blocks I want. This automatically makes me a crafter/builder. I may not be able to get enough point to be skilled at Hunting if I want to do that also. If I can figure out how many skill points I need for a block I find out I want, I can then plan my skills.

Sharing with people

So you could generate a code and send it to people. They can open this world as a random character, not one of theirs. They can walk and fly around, but not change anything.

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I think this is more something for the local own hosted servers, not for the live server as that could mess up the worlds (estatic and resource wise).

The objects should already help out new users, and I’ve heard there are some plans for an official wiki as well. Won’t that be enough?


I thought finding out about new blocks and how to acquire them is part of the fun. :grin:
Especially with 50+ worlds in 1.0, all with their own color variations of blocks.
(Thinking of it, I don’t think a creative mode would give you all of these variations.)


That is why I said it would not be a live server. It would be a single player world. And by “help” I mean you don’t see how blocks look together. You don’t always know how you want to layout a house. Building can also be a little weird at times. The game does not “help” with this.

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I never mentioned anything about learning controls or how to do stuff…

This is true, but due to level cap, you wont be able to get every skill. Maybe you find a block you want to learn to make by doing creative. Then you have a goal in game. You will know how much you have to spend to get that block.