Creative Mode Servers

I was thinking of keeping all the servers we have now as creative mode servers (infinite blocks). When the game has a lot more features, add in new servers that have the “story/explore” mode so we can enjoy the game fresh but still keep our creations on the side.

Just an idea I had floating around.


The Creative Mode is an part of trhe Alpha to make it easier to build wile its in Development, It’ll be removed as soon as the Game gets released, maybe even with the beta or even the alpha release, we’re currently in the Pre-Alpha as far as I know.

I also would like to have the option for infinite mode for private/rented servers (which are then not connected to the rest of the “open Oortiverse”) :wink:


I too think it would be better if the existing worlds were kept as creative after full launch, with dozens of new world’s being launched for the mmo. The existing worlds could be the “founders access only” worlds, and not allow inventories to be carried over, so as to prevent exploitation. That way, we all get an even start and new experiences on 1.0 launch day