Creative world 'subter' suddenly gone, payed till end of yr

HI I tried to reach out on PM and on FB messages (I am not good on discord)
My creative world ‘subter’ payed for till end of the year suddenly has vanished.
Can someone help me??? I think my second payment must be reset maybe after SOEX stopped? Or something along that line. As I had recently payed for extra fuel. I have seen it been updated, but I have no mor proof of that. I should be able to show the amount payed for via steam though.

Did you apply the world fuel ingame?

Unless I am misunderstanding… Fuel isn’t purchased through steam but through their website directly?

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that planet seems to have ended 3 ish weeks ago
see below

as @Mystfit mentioned, it is done through their site, not steam unless your confusing gleam club with planet fuel… which i assume due to your message

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I forget the grace period after expiration before purge, if it is two weeks or a month, but if this was the mistake that was made - you bought Gleam Club off Steam (which doesn’t fuel private worlds) - check your worlds list and see if it is still there. If so, and it is four weeks and not two, I believe you should be able to get a fuel at and still put it on there to unlock it. They’ll email the fuel code, then you have to go to Shop then Redeem and then put the code in and select the world.

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it ended 24 days ago, the lock period is 2 weeks and yes within the lock period you can unlock it by adding planet fuel to it

so technically it ended 10 days ago

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Thanks, I had never tried to unlock one so forgot what the time limit was! That’s a shame, hopefully not too much work was lost. :frowning:

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sadly I see now… the money I uploaded on steam in order to pay the fuel is still there. So yep, that shall be my mistake… so I lost subter? snif snif snif… big sigh

Well… up to a new world then :smiley:

Thanks everyone to help me out!


tonight i found back the email with the fuel KEY so I did pay it correctly, but must not have redemmed correctly ???
anyhow :wink: plenty of fuel now for next world :smiley: (I hope the unused keys do not expire?)


When you buy fuel, you need to log in and redeem it (it’s not automatic like your initial planet purchase/fuel is). The UI will show your keys and prompt you to select the planet you’d like to apply it to.

Side note: I do wish there was a website account that would tie a user’s purchases, fuel, time left, Gleam Club and everything together (not saying this would be easy, cheap, or secure). I think it would help prevent a lot of issues & be quite helpful.


yes it for sure would be easier, but well… it happened…
I ll take more care in future :wink:

i have a new subter now :smiley: called it subter 2
And the heck I ll just start over…

I am visually impaired and I bought the creative to be able t o make my IRL dreamhouse :smiley:

I was close to have my floorplan ready (I AM VERY SLOW)
as I can play only short amounts of time not to tire out my eyes.

but well…

I think I ll make a more compact blueprint first just like really designing it on a drawing board :smiley:

And then who knows… Work it out room by room on a later base :smiley:

Anyhow. Really glad I did make the jump to a private world and a creative wone. It makes it possible for me to build as I want :smiley:

Thx for following up my question!

Playfull regards
Anne-Mie aka oeps, aka easypeasygirl etc