Creature and dungeon/monument builder

We already got the awesome world builder but how many other “builders” are there gonna be in the future? In one of the votes the devs mentioned a creature builder. My suggestion is to make it like the editor in spore. why? It’s easy to use and with a bit of creativity everyone can create awesome creatures without modelling knowledge.
I would also love to see a dungeon builder where you can create unique monuments. from simple pyramids to gigantic temples. I dont know if it’s possible but it would certainly be awesome.

English is not my native language so I hope you still get what I mean :smiley:

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that would be pretty neat, though i think spore would be too overkill and not fit very well :confused:

i think the protectors are going to be kinda blocky and have the overall same theme, but would be awesome if they allowed us to build on top of them and make them into difrrent enemies, with things like armor, color schemes and so on.

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I just kinda like the basic idea of the spore creator because its pretty easy to create all sorts of creatures. I would like to see an enhanced version of the spore editor with better animations and waaaay more ‘parts’ to use :smiley: I get your point tough.

  1. Dungeon builder? We plan to continue expanding the features of the current World Builder to add support for controlling all aspects of the world (lighting, weather, etc) and also more sophisticated structures (dungeons, temples, etc.) So this wouldn’t be a completely new builder, rather an improvement to what we have.

  2. Creatures builder? We asked this in the past to gather interest in also allowing players to create their own creatures. In Vote#3 we also asked about players preference for creature variety. At the moment we haven’t finalised the technology for adding creatures to the game, but we will make sure that whatever we end up with will also be made available to players either as a builder or as part of the modding tools.

Whilst the Spore Creature Creator was amazing - I know it was a huge investment over many years for Maxis to create. I would imagine that Maxis spent more on the creature creator than we’ve spent on all of Oort Online. Two games with budgets separated by many orders of magnitude.


Will we be able to create unique materials/plants/ores for our world with the world builder? It would be really cool although I believe it’s very hard/impossible to make :smiley:

At the moment each material is linked to an in game texture. So it’s unlikely that the world builder alone would allow users to add new materials / blocks. However, the world builder and game are fully data driven - there is nothing stopping us allowing modders to add additional materials / blocks.

On the topic of modding, I don’t know if it will be supported, so, will it? Also, I am going to start a game design school and I will learn different coding techniques, so modding will be something I do at least for other games. I was wondering if you would allow us to do it.

On topic, I believe a creature builder system can be avoided all together with a really small breeding mechanic, like horses in real life, as they are bred to be fast and strong. :+1:

Suggestions added to the checklist!

On the topic of modding: yes, but probably at or after 1.0. It’s a hotly requested feature but not important to core game play.

On the topic of creature builder, I don’t recall that ever being discussed or confirmed as planned, but cross bred creatures have been mentioned in a few places.

As for dungeon/monument builder, I’d be happy with it in the hands of Oortians. It would be neat if it supported procedurely generated dungeons with custom parts too.

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Creature builder was a feature mentioned in one of the older surveys. a question like ‘‘Do you think we should give the creature builder to players and allow them to make creatures that can become part of the game’’

let me dig around and see if i can find it.

Here we go. i had to dig through all of my mails from oort online (you wont believe how many i have) but i managed to find it, it was a part of survey #2

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Ah, ok, I also see it in the results of vote#2, looks like it may be a post 1.0 feature if they go by their data. Subject to change, I’m sure, but it could be an interesting feature. It may be cool if they let players design base creatures, I’ll call them “pure breeds” with certain attributes and features, then through cross breeding with other compatable creatures some degree of those attributes could transfer into a new cross breed to varied degrees of success. That being said, I feel that it should be confined to Oortian tier players so as to not flood the game universe with creatures that don’t fit with the games artistic direction.

So it should only be for players who have paid 5000 dollars? now thats kinda…

also, player created items should be a thing, nothing brings more life to a game than that, basically somebody makes something. people vote if they like it, and if the item passes then it is going to be put ingame, i imagine that there will be the 4 kinds of protectors who will have basic traits, then allowing people to reskin those or add things like say we have a golem, then a person can add things to it manually so you might get some really cool crazy armor wearing golem that can be added to the game as an enemy.

also i dont think you should be able to crossbreed races like making a pig with a bird beak, i think you should breed from the 2 same creature races (to make sense) and those stats would be transferred.