Creature color schemes

there has been alot of topics about this and what i have seen you are thinking of doing alot of different animals. so what i thought would be cool was if you just made a randomly generated color scheme for all the mobs and then maybe there would be around 200 different pig colors on just one world where only like 10 mobs would be the same color and they would live in some sort of herd, that way if i find the most awesome black pig with blue mohawk then i can take 2 with me and kill the rest, and that way i could breed them and sell them because the chance that it would appear again would be really low.

it would also make it possible to have guild specific mounts, so the officers of a guild would all ride around on the same type of animal and color, and nobody else would be able to get them unless they bought them from the breeder.


it would be cool if some animals could drop different coloured loot with special perks :smiley: for example rare red leather dropped from rare red pigs could grand fire resistance when worn.

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Rare Red Pigs must live in rare warm habitat conditions, where they strong need fire protection for theyself :smiley:
…and where hunt for they will be very, very hard and difficult.

this is purely cosmetic, i dont want them to have different stats or have them in special places, because 1) that would make it less random and fun and 2) it would be more annoying to code and would force people to pick special colors because they need specific resistances.

Only cosmetic changes is interesting but only. Are you say about dyeing like sheep in minecraft? We say about more deep differences

im saying every animal should have a primary and secondary area, those 2 would get a random color assigned and it would be in a heard with 5 or 10 other of the same color and then dont have more of that.