Creature harvest traps

What? Placeable traps that attract a certain amount of creatures in the area per game day which will consume and harvest the prey into collectable loot drops.

Why? Because the economy. People like me enjoy the economy but not hunting. I am over hunting. I want a passive way for people to gather materials from creatures.

Who? Whoever can craft a trap, I would personally make it like a higher tier craft.

When? Tomorrow obviously.

Where? Everywhere. Except in other’s plotted areas.

How? 2+2 and other lines of code. Also I would make it to where an area goes dry after so long and hits a reset to keep plotted areas free of clutter from this.



There could be also active hunting baits, something like Zelda 1 had :smiley:


Predator bait and Herbivore bait :+1: