Creature idea: a mimic block!

Hey guys and devs…

I just had the idea for a special kind of predator: a mimic. I just thought of the mimics in d&d, where they are monsters which assume the form of a chest or doorway to surprise their prey. … So what do you think about a monster that hides itself as a block (wall or stone) and jumps at the player if he comes to close? I just feel jumping up from my pc even if I only think about this surprise effect :smiley:


Perhaps if it only disguised as particular objects like chests. It would suck if it had a habit of disguising as tall grass or dirt blocks…


I would love to see it as a chest, if they add those randomly spawned since it would make people think twice before adventuring, but i am not sure how i feel about it being a block, it would be cool for those out fighting, but i think there will be some people who will only mine or gather materials (even more if we have crafting professions cough) and i feel like they should be able to do so without having to fight, if they avoid all the enemies, so an unavoidable enemy against those people seems a bit sad xD

This is a neat idea!

I’d be in favor it being able to replace certain kinds of blocks (rare minerals/gems, for instance). Adds some spice to mining

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You do realize i just said i personally was against adding that stuff to punish miners who dont want anything to do with combat, right? just making sure.¨

EDIT: i got this as a reply to my message, not sure if it was, so it was in no way meant to say that my opinion is more worth anybody else’s.

I would like those guys for mining as well. It is a survival crafting voxel game, so don’t forget the “survival” aspect ^^ … Also, it don’t have to be hard like hell or quite common … if I meet one in 3-5 houres underground in caves it would be more effective as a surprise then if I can expect to see one every 10 minutes :wink:

and by the way: A mimic as a chest have many fantasy rpgs … but as a stone or wall - or a gem or ore like sugested - it would be more special :star:

Why make it a block/chest?

When we could have plants that jump out of the earth and chase after you ? :smile:


yep, but if it has the shape of a block it would be easyer to develop it (just change the base texture and color) . As a plant it would be more complex cuz you would have to build a mash for each plant style … or you let it be a earth/stone creature that jumps out of the ground and has the plant as a hat :smiley:

Yup, just disagreeing with you.

As a way of satisfying both camps, maybe only have certain worlds or tiers spawn 'em?


Half the fun when I was mining in MC was running into a pocket of zombies or spiders. Then every time you hear a moan or scuttle you jump. :scream:

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they’d have mashes for every plant anyway^^ but it would need animations for everythign so a block would be better for that^^
But why would a creature hide underground inside solid rock? And how did it get there in the first place?^^

This could be pretty cool,like the main idea!!

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