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What’s the reason for only a handful of tamable creatures? And are your familiars just a subcategory of tamable creatures like mounts and other helping animals?[/quote]

Great question. The beginning of an answer:

  • There should be a variety of creature types.
  • Each creature type should have a specific role, or purpose.

A starter list:

  • Ambients - creatures that add liveliness to the Oort universe, but provide no functional benefit to the player
  • Farmables - creatures that provide food or resources and can be captured and bred.
  • Hostiles - creatures that attack the player, and can be killed for resources/loot.
  • Mounts - creatures that can be ridden and equipped
  • Familiars - creatures that can be tamed as pets and provide some unique benefit to the player

Did I miss one? The next thing to do would be to further subdivide these categories:

flying types (birds), ground types (squirrels, bugs), water types (fish, coral)

food types (cows, pigs), resource types (sheep), …?

So many possibilities here. animal types (wolves, piranhas, mastodons), sentient evils (goblins, orcs, lizardmen), hostile nature (piranha plants, spriggans, ents), ancients (Titans)…

small fast (rideable birds), medium (horses), slow strong (elephant)

static effects (light sources, stat boosters, buff givers), scouters (find things, detect danger), gatherers (collect specific resources, provide extra inventory), …

Not trying to be comprehensive here! Your turn!


I think this is a good idea, but familiars, I think, should be pve only, however, maybe your familiars power could be changed into a spell that costs a bit of whatever mana is in this universe.

I want ents :smiley: Ents are love ents are live

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A good list as long as it doesn’t prevent some bluring. That means: ride a pig/cow? Or eat a horse?^^ Tame a hostile if you catch it early enough or even hatch it, so it turns into a Mount/familiar?
If they are more general categorys but do not define what the animals in it are. Well chosen^^

I’d also like to tame everything I see. That means no ambients. But I’m not so sure if a server could handle that. Or if it’s really necessairy.

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I think familiars shouldn’t be able to replace real players but be helpful when hunting small creatures or mining alone(As I mentioned in my “tameable pet companions” thread)

Both of these are probably going to be something you can either harvest or catch :slight_smile:

Well if the squirrel you tame provides no benefit but just is, it would still be ambient right?

Hm I’m not sure. I thought of ambient more as something physic doesn’t apply and which is randomly generated or deleted. Like the birds at the moment. But you’re right if it doesn’t do anything than looking good it might be ambient as well^^


The ambient creatures should be solid & behavioral. The birds that currently exist should be so as well – they should land in trees, and you should be able to shoot them down.

Maybe all ambients can be tamed? Kind of as practice?

Just let everything be tamable^^ Maybe most of the hostil shouldn’t be but aside from them everything^^

How do you guys feel about vanity pets? Pets that are completely neutral, providing no buffs either passive or active. They are just there to look cool. If you’ve played WoW you are familiar with them. They can either be rewards for a difficult quest or bought with real money.


that would then be my cricket or pet stone^^

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I like it especially if we are able to leave our pets at home fx having my pet parrot sitting in cage.

i like companions, they are pretty cool.

but on the pet side, be able to tame all beasts but take it require special skill. so you need special level beast taming to tame different creatures, to get a mount you would need to get the animal from its a cub and then tame it up from ground. animals should be able to trained up as mounts as long as it is logical and then a beast tamer can sell it to another person. that way we have dynamic mount vendors and stuff.


Since there is such a beautiful firmament in Oort I have been thinking about some sort of eclipse thing. Or full moon. Creatures could mutate into their were-counterparts. Elephants for example could morph into Were-elephants.


There could be event ones,
or special ones you have to summon,
or ones that follow you or stabilize at a place or area,
or ones that hang around with you all the time,
or fighters,
or riders,
or carriers,
or travelers,
or helpers,
or assistants,


Maybe we can choose which/what way we can raise and bond with the creatures we tame.

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