Creatures and water

The creatures we have in the game atm is only placeholders, but they still keep drowning, which somebody pointed out, i found that kinda curious and thought it was worth discussing a few things with creatures and water.

  1. Should creatures be able to float?

As it stands now, as far as im aware, the creature heads into a lake and drown, is that how it should be later on? should creatures be able to kinda float so they would never drown? or should the creatures just drown in case they land in water, it could also be discussed if some creatures should be able to swim and some shouldnt.

  1. If the creatures cant swim, should they just stand at the edge or would they go in anyways?

would the creatures be as suicidal as they are now? or should they just stay on the edge of the water? if they stay on the edge how would we avoid abusing it for easy kills?

please come with thoughts and other things that could affect creature behavior.

Maybe “creature behavior” is a better thread title?

In MC, creatures kinda go wherever, and if they happen to fall into water, they just sorta bob up and down and eventually jump out when they reach the edge.

There are also aquatic creatures that never leave the water, but there weren’t very many – like, squid, and that was about it…

I think it would be really cool to have dangerous aquatic creatures…pirhanas, alligators, sharks, baby krakens, you know…

But anyway, back to the topic – maybe some creatures can swim if they fall in, but others can’t? And others avoid it at all costs?

And they can all get eaten by alligators if they stand too close? :smile:


I’m sure improved mob AI is on the way, along with better pathing. Right now they just wander random directions periodically. Based on what I’ve seen from the dev’s up to now, I’d bet this is place holder AI with better on the “to do” list.

That wasnt the question, :wink: i know they are making better AI, the general question is just if creatures should swim/float (minecraft style) or they should keep drowning as now.

ofc they should swim, the will to live is universal to life, suicidal drowning goat-things breaks immersion. Now, what WOULD be cool is if they eventually fatigued and drowned if they can’t reach shore :wink:

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well… some creatures cannot swim by logic, so ofc not drowning themselves, but they might be stuck on shore.

the floating animal thing is something that i would find odd, but at the same time i see it as kinda needed. that or that they dont go into water. but even when not going into water, what would happen if somebody removed the block under the creature and made it fall into the water? these are the kind of things. sooo many ways to abuse systems xD

I’d like to see bubblefishies…who might pump up and explode. Nah … but mabye swim in swarms.
Possible would be normal fishes, who pump up by being approched under water. Imagine a swarm of fish and you dive into them and one by one they plop up, similar to a mimosa (not sure if this is the right comparsison).

They lump into lava as well.

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I’d like to see a variety of behaviors. Some animals can swim, some that perhaps can for short periods of time, but tend to stay out of water, some that can’t at all, and some aquatic and even amphibious creatures.

I’m not sure I’d call it abuse, but knowing your prey. If an animal that can’t swim has been chased to the edge of a cliff overlooking water, why not knock it in and save yourself some arrows? Just watch out for those baby krakens when you grab the loot :wink:


K, maybe the flight=escape behaviour of frogs and toads projected on the Tauntaun/Hoppler creatures (potential mounts). Usually frogs zigzag their escape route. The Hopplers could also run bidirectional, before being caught. Or even curve away in a u-turn.

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