Creatures, Monsters, and Beasts; Oh my!

Let’s be honest here; a voxel game is not complete without those wacky mobs we all know, hate, and love. The quirky, the derpy, the scary and the trolls, a game isn’t complete without them. So what kind of strange beasts could we find in the wonderful world of Oort? Huge birds that hunt players and creatures alike, herds of bizarre horned behemoths, grazing in the feilds, or bioluminescent fish living in the darkest reaches of the sea.
Organic life is diverse, coming in every shape and size imaginable. From the smallest insect to towering leviathans, the only limit is your imagination (and FPS ;3).
In the oceans of minecraft, there is very little in the way of sea life, without mods. Some derpy squids that are about as harmless as air. So, what about huge coral reafs, teeming with colorful coral, fish, and minerals? But, life doesnt stop at the peaceful creatures. I would like to see beasts of the deep that would make you think twice about crossing a lake.
In Oort Online, I love the idea that every world has somewhat unique creatures. Now I know that having different creatures for every world is impossible to say the least, but I’m talking about subtle things, like behavior or color. For example, if you charge into that herd of grazing animals with a look of a rampaging madman in your eyes, would they simply flee, or would they all group together, and charge YOU down? Or would a simple chigopug on one world be the apex predator of another? Perhaps these things could be customized in the world builder…


I believe that there is a fine line between “monsters” and “protectors.” As we have seen from multiple concept art peices that the Oort Elfs have shared, the protectors have a distinct stone look to them, suggesting that they could be some kind of magical construct, like golems. I think that there should be huge varieties of these protectors, specialized in the environs of which they live to protect. And then there’s there namesake: Protectors. They were created to protect the secrets of the Oortian Temples and Lands. But from what? What caused the powerful Oortians to create a fighting force as strong as the Titans to protect them? That, is for us to discover…


There were already some threads about different kind of monsters, and see creatures as well. For the point of different kinds of each monster race there were also some suggestions, where I had the idea for each monster race having one or two base skills and each sub kind (differed by color, markings and or size) has an additional skill and some altered attributes like special resistances, haste or elemental attacks. This could also be implemented in the world builder to make each world special by it’s set of own creatures. To have different available sets of AIs would be a great addition (loner, charger, group behavior, fleeing on low life, …).

Love the ideas! :lester:

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These little (or big) buggers from Metro 2033 & Last Light could be inspired from for some sort of flying creature.