Creatures: Pets, Mounts, and Livestock

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Here we are, tackling another funding bracket for this amazing game. I absolutely love the Devs and what they are doing. To help things along, I think we could be super useful in telling them what we would and wouldn’t want to have as a part of the creatures in this game.

The three categories I listed in the title are what I’m focusing on. Obviously, there will be hostile creatures in the world for us to slay, but this is about that extra part that makes each creature even cooler than a loot pinata. I feel like the creatures in OO could be the perfect candidate to add something more. Sure, other games do this, but they either fall short or concentrate too hard in one area. I apologize for the lengthy post in advance.

Pets: Everyone’s companion
In so many games, pets have offered up many different forms of entertainment. From a vanity companion, to a mini-pet battler for your amusement. Minecraft offers ways for players to tame various wild creatures, like dogs and cats, but nothing spectacular. I think OO can take a lesson from many places to make the perfect fit for this Universe.

First, I don’t think pets should be limited to a class or anything of the like. In Archeage, all players have the capability to have a pet, which also becomes a mount. (I’ll come back to this later.) This is what I would like to see. If I am wondering the lush lands and run across a feline-like beast, maybe I think it would be the perfect companion on my adventures. Offer players up a way to maybe bait and trap an animal, or simply tame it for this purpose.

Mounts: Ride into the night!
One thing that people often feel passionate about in any game are the mounts. They want to collect them or find the one that suits their characters style. I imagine a player finding that perfect beast. Maybe it is something that can swim quickly, but is slow on land. Depending on the world, the mountable creatures would vary according to the environment. I would love the adventure in carefully tracking that beautiful beast, watching for the right time to make my move to tame her!

Livestock: Let’s eat!
In a sandbox world, players will have different goals. Some will focus on combat, while others may immerse themselves in the lore. Either way, I loved how Minecraft made it necessary to eat. Oort Online could do this in their own style, offering food buffs or something of that nature, but cooking should be important. Maybe I want to spend my days growing crops on the land and raising a few different types of “food” animals. Of course, I would have to catch them and take care of them. Who knows what beasts could come lurking at my farm, ready to take what I’ve carefully raised!

Breeding: Birds and Bees, and whatever else lives here…
Let’s tie all of these in together with one common thing: breeding. With breeding as an option, we can delve deeper! Imagine breeding for colors, because maybe your world doesn’t have a native blue “horse” creature. You decide to traverse the worlds, searching for the right pattern to give your valiant steed! A player might want their pet to be able to take a hit better than others, because he is going to be an adventure buddy. With livestock, maybe a certain cow-like creature isn’t native to your lands. You’ve managed to migrate a pair back home, but you must work hard to breed them in order to make a profit on your work!

Mounts and Pets: Mix and match
Something Archeage did that I found fun, yet boring, was the fact that pets could be raised to be combative or a mount. Sadly, the options available to players were limited. Now, I think this is where things could become quite interesting. Maybe a pet would be combative and mountable, which means breeding for speed might be an ideal choice, but at the sacrifice of damage. That color that you wanted is rare, but the mount is more tanky than you had hoped for. Maybe you want a flying steed, and know the only way to make that happen is to find a mythical flying creature to bring back to breed with your own horse. The possibilities here are endless!

The wrap up
I appreciate everyone who has taken the time to read through this and contribute your own thoughts and ideas. I understand some of what I am talking about would take a lot of time, so maybe stagger it a bit. We don’t have to open with all of these amazing features, but I hope to see creatures become more than my enemy. Thank you all!


I think it would be cool if there were normal pets like one’s that you can buy from a pet store and “special” pets that could be obtained by… I don’t know… reaching a certain “rank” of killing that monster? For example, you kill enough of a certain type of Titan to get you to the highest rank of killing that monster, then you could do something to get a baby or mini titan of that type.

I’m not sure how tracking and taming a mountable creature would work, the only thing I’ve seen that was “tracking and taming” was in Runescape but those creatures weren’t mountable, at the most they were only pets that followed you around, but it could be tied into the hunter profession (I think that was being discussed in a thread) and if you can’t tame that creature yourself, you could go hire a hunter or buy that mount from someone. (I think that could be a way to help generate a player economy and give people a reason to go into a certain profession but that’s just my opinion.)

I like the idea of livestock too, maybe if there is a crime system a player that kills/steals someone’s livestock or plants would be given more crime points, a higher bounty, or whatever. (Kind of like Archeage’s crime system.)

I think it would be neat to be able to breed certain types of pets or whatever, and breeding them for a certain trait would be cool too. Also the ability sell them to other players, but I’m not sure how that’d really work or if that’d be too much to include with what is already planned.


The pet system from WoW is one of the things they did RIGHT. There is a huge variety (More than Oort needs right out of the gate) and they can be acquired by a variety of ways. Vanity pets or mounts in WoW could be gotten via achievements, quests, random drops, crafting, or micro-transaction. This way, it never FELT like you had to whip out the wallet or grind a million mobs to get a new pet. Many of them were either reskins or tamed versions of existing critters, but the feeling that you got for every new pet was just as exciting.

As for livestock, there seems to be a large variety of farm-able and cross bred animals planned based on some of the concept art creatures. Not so sure how I’d feel about a crime system that encourages animal theft, @champy, but that could be an interesting concept to experiment with. I’ve never played Archeage, so I’m not familiar with the mechanic. It would seem that the beacons would completely negate the idea.

Actually, that idea makes me wonder about how it could be implemented in a more pvp scenario, where aggressive behavior is not directly punished, but by potential consequences from other players… but that’s a discussion for another thread.

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I feel like it is still somewhat on topic since we are talking about the livestock.
I’ll use an example where Oort would be like Archeage, let’s say there is player X and player Y. Player X is a new player that doesn’t have any beacons or maybe they are an old player that has the max amount of beacons placed. They decide to place livestock out in an hidden area that they built on but there is no beacon to protect it so player Y comes along and sees the livestock, the livestock has some sort of marker saying that they belong to X. Y decides to be a bad guy and kills X’s livestock and collects the items from the livestock leaving behind some sort of crime marker. (There would be crime footprints left behind on Archeage.) X can return to their hidden spot and find the crime marker and report it, resulting in Y getting a bounty or crime points, or some other player that finds the spot can report the crime marker.

But it really could lead to there being a deep crime system, but that’s better in the crime thread that I recall seeing a week or two ago.

I agree with you about WoW’s Battle Pet system, Havok40k. That’s one of the reasons I still play to this day. However, I don’t know if I would want that exact system here. Since the world is open and more of a sandbox, I think the pets should do more than mock Pokemon battles. Of course, in the end it is up to the Developers. Above all, I hope they offer us ways to really enjoy interacting with the creatures, more than just mindless slaughter.

On a side note, if they decide on PvP, I hope it is on separate worlds. My husband and I will be playing for exploration and the sandbox feel of the game. Others will flock for the chance to attack fellow players. Our experiences with Archeage PvP were not that great. The crime system was just a laughing stock. People wanted to accumulate crime points to become pirates, and the “jail” time was not very threatening. If OO goes that route for things like stealing a players livestock or something, I really hope they have something a little more in-depth for it.

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I didn’t mean the pokemon pet battles feature so much. As for you comments on the crime system, that is exactly what I was worried about.


One thought I had was along the lines of the future of the game. I understand some of this stuff will take time. I’m perfectly fine with waiting until after the game is released for things to become more in depth. Maybe tamed creatures can only be bread with same-type for color variations. In a future patch, it would be cool to see the ability to breed for things like speed and damage added. I haven’t come up with how breeding could improve livestock, other than the basic thought of breeding for numbers.

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There can be event creatures,
special features, quirks, perks, buffs, showing, summoning.

Different upbringings, everything different can be considered special,
but more like a special backstory and feature that makes that event NPC different.


Yeah, to have an iconic creature as a pet or mount will give a special feeling bound to that pet which doesn’t need special effects or tweaks. I just remember having some of the story npcs of guild wars as pets… I got warm by heart having them running behind me :wink:

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As I turn the pages through the Internet, looking at all these other MMO’s, I just keep hoping Oort does it right. It’s one thing to offer pets and mounts, and it’s another thing entirely to have us really interact and control the purpose of a creature. So many other games give the ability to collect this or that, but there’s no real attachment.

I want a system that encourages picking something out, and not just “collecting” them. I want breeding to be a thing, even if it’s just to try and create unique skins for a pet or mount. With a system that puts the emphasis on attachment over mass collecting, I think it helps add a different level of play.

I could make money being a mount breeder. Maybe I’ve taken the time to catch some rare colored cats on one world, and brought them back to my land for breeding. I could sell these unique “eggs” or “kittens” to other players to raise as their own. It adds another play style for people.

I also prefer this idea over storing mounts and creatures in a virtual manner. If I have a giant cat pet, I can’t stuff it in a bag and expect it to stay happy. I imagine players coming to my special farm to look at my stock, and possibly making a specific breeding request. They want pet X and Y to breed and will pay handsomely for the offspring.

I really just don’t want another overly simple collection set up where the creatures themselves are nothing more than something to grab one of everything.

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Maybe there could be a bounty system with beacons and as an option the owner could place a bounty (the bounty would be only the same amount as the amount of gold owned because if the player which has the bounty on them is killed then the player who killed them if they accepted the bounty would take the gold) on a certain thing say if someone kills these animals then they gain a bounty and if someone accepts to hunt the player down (like a quest) then they would get the amount of bounty placed pn their head upon killing the player if that makes sense.

From the mount summoning thread:

Okay, let’s try this:

• There are a wide variety of tame-able creatures in Oort.
• Some can be used as pets, some can be used as mounts.
• Tamed creatures have a starting level (doesn’t have to be lvl 1) and level up independently of the player. (how do they gain EXP btw?)
• Tamed creatures have hit points and other stats, and thus can join you in battle and be KO’d by PVE
• Tamed creatures that are KO’d can be revived in battle within a certain time limit, otherwise they teleport back home and must be revived there.
• Mounts give you perks in terms of increased riding speed, extra inventory (sidebags), etc
• Tamed creatures can be given commands (Follow, Stay, Go Home, Avoid Combat, Engage Enemies, Come to My Location, etc)
• Tamed creatures can only be targeted by other players that you have attacked (i.e. other players cannot KO your mount without first getting you to fight them)
• Likewise, tamed creatures will not attack other players unless you have attacked them.

Very nice! I like these ideas.

I would say a tamed creature must be “bonded” to the player in some manner. Players can own more than one creature, for various reasons, but only hold one “bond” at a time. This way, we must choose which one is out adventuring with us, and to help ensure it will follow and allow us to mount and interact with it in various ways while adventuring.

When the creature is “bonded” to us, it is eligible for experience gain through things like monster kills (maybe a small portion of what we earn this way), farming, and maybe even traveling.


Maybe to bond you need a piece of Oortian technology that allows you to ‘connect’ with the animal or maybe just the old fashioned ‘Oh who’s a cute massive lion thing? Have a treat’

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I noticed that there is a small dog-like creature behind this group, seemingly following them. I hope this is showing there will indeed be pets.


I really liked the ridiculousness of Runescapes pets. You had the “normal” pets like cats and dogs (There were even non tameable stray dogs^^) and you had the ridiculous pets. Like a stone.
Yes, ladies and gentleman, a stone. Your personal pet stone. Which you could play with and do all sorts of things. You just gotta love these little stonies^^ It was just cute how your character would play with a stone as if it was a dog or a cat. Just this sight could entertain you for days^^

So my hope would be one or two of these “I would never have expected that to be a pet”- pets or something that will leave you with this “HOW?!? / WHY?!?”- feeling^^

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I want a pet rock. while you’re at it, make me a pet cheese.

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I would love to have a rock with a leash, that constantly rolls before my feet. I would call it Fluffy ^^


HAHAHAHAHHAA @TheBirne love it! i want one too :laughing:

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agree with this