Crickets in Chat

I’ve now spent a decent time in game building and wandering. I still log in from time to time, but I’m running into the same problem. I have yet to see or chat with another player. Are other people experiencing the same emptiness? I see structures people build, but it just seem like these are echoes of a playerbase. I’m on Central time in NA, so maybe this is part of the issue. Just curious if others felt similarly. I’ve suggested it before, but is it it possible to get a chat this is universal and not world or local based? I don’t even know how it operates now. I’m guessing it is world based.

Hmmm… can not create unique tags for the post. Is that normal? I can only select from a list of suggestions.

There seems to be a distance limitation within the same server, so call it “Local Chat.” If you want to see folks, the best place I know of right now is Kovah. We’re all over the hemisphere, though (that is, on Earth, not Kovah), so some folks might not be on when you are. (I’m in ET NA.) I’m heading over there as soon as I get my video driver updated because we’re building a block cache for the capital city, and I’ll be collecting some of my blocks from a cache on Vaisier.

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Cool. I’ve been on Ulaip. I’m in game now hopping around. Maybe, I’ll tp over to Kovah and try to find some folks. Thanks!

The lack of interaction is pretty normal now unless you find somebody locally or set up a group project. I’m also US Central time, playing mostly on Kovah.

For now, chat is very short range- 50-100 meters or so. Most everybody communicates via these forums or private message systems. I believe there is also a team speak or ventrilo server?

As for tags, I think that’s a “user trust level” thing. Post and visit more to become a “regular” trust level and you should be able to do custom tags.

ty Havok. Good to know about the local reach of chat! I’m not often in Vent or TS, but that is also good to know.

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One thing to add. Be online when the update hits. There will be tons of people testing all the new stuff^^

Personally, I’d like to see chat range extended to the entire server (at least for now while its so quiet). Even better, server wide chat plus the option to switch back to distance based in case you want more privacy.


I’d support that for the moment.

Yeah for now with this few people it would be great if we could switch to global chat :smiley: