Criticaling Food only works with Agility?

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I had always assumed the buff is additive, but never tested it until today (for my damage calculator).

Just wanted to put the question out there; is it intended that Criticaling Food only applies to the base Critical Chance? Should it be applied differently or grant an additional additive bonus?

With maxed out Agility you get 20%, eating a Criticaling Pie puts that at 40%, so even with an unforged gold weapon/tool/fist you only get a critical chance of 90%.

That also means the fewer points you have in Agility, the less value you get from it. All the way down to it doing absolutely nothing with no points in Agility.

Granted, it is the only type of food that can increase your DPS, so it might still have its uses anyway. But it does seem a bit odd to me since compared to the benefits of the other food types it seems like a very small bonus, especially considering how much harder it is to farm Lean Meat compared to the other ingredients.


I think this is a bug report and should be in the support category.

I agree it seems broken that a criticaling pie provides zero benefit if you haven’t dropped points into the crit stats. The pie should also multiply the weapon/tool critical chance.