Critter Traps for T1-2 Planets?

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So I am not so big on the hunt, in any game. I would trap some of these little critters and take their drops though. Just wanted to put that one out there. :smiley:

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If you’ve ever left a single block open to the sky in an underground build, you’ll know OortMurphy’s law that creatures seem to have a suicidal tendency to want to be in your beacon…

you can use this to make a little collection box in your plot so mobs pile in while you’re doing some other stuff, so you come back, spam a few bombs and collect the loot.
Alternatively you can build a nice looong pit, have them drop to their deaths and just collect the spoils


3 pts into kinetic resistance and you’re immune to creature damage on these planets. Also, you can drag them into a 2 block high pit with a grapple… built above a much taller pit. Then just break the bottom out and hear them go thud.


Or trapdoor opening downwards (insert “mob in the way” meme)


Will they open while a critter is standing on them? Either way you could still have one tile that you open, they’ll wander in eventually.

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Amazing! I love all of the ideas and I am going to try them out for sure. I was thinking more lazy-like. Just not wanting to kill them personally, something to lure them in, with a limited capture hold, maybe five. When I’m grinding blocks I’ve noticed that they seem to gather near me, so if I set a trap up while I’m grinding, they would just go to it.

Possibly being able to forge them so that we can take them to higher tiered planets and set them down for those beasties, making them into beast traps, monster traps, gigantic rigs made by multiple users to hold a titan down for a good slashing until it breaks free.

Something like that.

Could also probably throw down a machine, add some power coils and kill critters with the beam…