Cross platform accounts conflicting

Hi Devs, Im having an issue where i cant play on ps4 at the same time as my girl uses our early access account on pc because of the forum login details are the same, is there a workaround or something, Ive tried deleting ps4 user info but it keeps loggin me in with the existing forum login, I was hoping to just create another forum account and go that way

Hi MrAndo,

Thanks for reporting this, we’re looking into it. I’ll update you as soon as possible.

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cheers steggs, just for your info ive deleted the user info and reinstalled the full game but it keeps linking to the existing forum account

Hi again, I cant find a way in here but the only quick solution I can think of is if theres a way I can remove the psn account from my boundless forum profile, I could then restart with a new one. Please help as Im now virtually unable to play, and Ive paid for the game twice…

Um Steggs, anything yet mate?

Hey MrAndo,

Apologies for the delay.

We’re working on a server only hot fix (so no patch needed) which will enable you to play on the same Bonudless account on PS4 and PC. We’ll be aiming to release this today as early as possible but the fix is still being implemented at the moment.


Thats great news thankyou guys

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I hate to be a pain but can you possibly let me know when the hot fix drops, (if youre aware) I dont want to be checking all day if i can, thanks

Of course :slight_smile:

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Wait - Is the account cross platform as well, so if I were to get it for PS4, would I be able to play on main then ?

Not 100% sure what you mean, but I can give you my scenario, I have early access which my daughter will now use. I preordered for ps4, and when it released I logged on etc and before character creation the game asked for my boundless forum login details. Without even thinking I put my details in and started to play, all good. Later when my girl jumped on all hell broke loose, we were getting kicked back and forth to the sanctum and logged out etc… Then it dawned on me the game doesnt like having two of the same forum logins, even though Ive paid twice on different platforms and am not trying to shortchange anyone. I would easily just create a new forum login for my ps4 account but there is now way to do it, ive tried deleting everything…
It seems they are trying to come up with a solution that allows different platforms to share the same forum info which is great, and I doubt this would be an isolated incident but could be wrong.

Sorry I get it now lol, no accounts do not carry over…

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Aw - a shame, if I could play on the same character no matter the platform, i’d def get it for the ps4 too so I could play on the go ;p

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