Crossing the bridge from destruction to creativity

I was going to post this in the founder thread about the people that say “it just another minecraft” might not really like minecraft, but this idea warrants a separate discussion.

A lot of gamers in general have never taken their first hit of creativity. The industry has been geared toward destruction and conquest for so long. That when people see this there not quite sure what to do. Why do think there so much greifing? It is because it is what they have been programmed to do. Some have a negative experience when trying to create, and become frustrated. Creating something turns out to a lot hard than destruction, but It also turns out to be more rewarding. The key is to be supportive of people exploring creative aspects and help them to progress and have a positive experience so they get past the initial hurdles and the feedback loop becomes self reinforcing, dare I saw addictive.

I think of being given all these tools is like being an ape and touching the monolith in 2001 a space odyssey. Suddenly you have all this new magic power. Your not quite sure what to do with it or how to use it. That’s because we weren’t trained to, we weren’t prepared for this. Were just used to sitting around and throwing s**t at eat other.

But once you take that first step and create something, and step back look at it and say. “I made this, and it is good”. You will never be the same again. You get all these powerful positive emotions, and your next though is how do I reach the next level of creativity?

The really fun part is when you think you might be approaching the limits. Somebody like @lucadeltodecso , or @ben walks up to and hands you a new tool and says here, go see what you can do with this.


The community is a huge part of it, to be sure, but there will probably be even more players who choose not to become an active part of it.

I think there also needs to be mechanisms in place that also reward players for being creative. (Wildstar’s housing systems are a good example of a step in the right direction)


What did the housing system do exactly?

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In Wildstar you had xp boni for resting in your house … if you had better furnitures, walls, decos and other stuff the bonus became greater … also, you could build stuff like party banks (giving you party foods for buffs), gardens and also entries to dungeons or stuff which gave you daily quests

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You get increased rested XP when you log off inside your house, more decor items in your house will give you more rested XP. Rested exp is awarded to both the player who owns the house and any of their neighbours who log off in the house. bonus exp is awarded by 5 buffs, Ambience, Aroma, Comfort, Pride and Lighting. Decor Items that award these buffs will have a tag associated with them when they are in the players housing crate that will indicate both the type and size off the buff. Each buff comes in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

Completing housing-related objectives will reward you with meta achievements. Interior and exterior lighting customization allow home owners to customize the ambient lighting of a house, on a room by room basis and placing of decorative items and furniture is not bound to specific locations, so anything is possible.

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I wonder what things we can do to foster that further. The forums are a good spot, and people are surprisingly positive about builds! Gotta be some good ways to also take that into the game once it starts becoming more active

The creative processes that come to mind are builds in world. YouTube videos say about your build. Group projects were you can learn from more experienced players. Take screenshots, and post them. Even to this day I find angles while walking around that are awesome.

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