Does anyone know if the Cubits will carry over after the reset in a few weeks time?

Or are they reset to 0 as well?

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Everything is reset to 0, cubits, plots, levels, coins etc … We all start from the beginning


With all characters being wiped it would be a logical conclusion that cubits would be reset as well. That’s just my guess though.

They definitely will be reset, just because everything is being reset.


But my question is… why not reset everything for day one release? That way the PS4 guys will have an even start… i read as well that we are getting the reset in about 2 > 3 weeks (a month + before the game officially releases!)

This will not be fair to some people

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Agreed, but they want new people to have an established universe to come into. Personally I agree, I think we should get an extra reset at launch as well as the one in a few weeks.


Then why not just do a complete hard reset at launch? Why go through the bother of doing teo hard restest ?

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So that we can test the balance before the full launch.

why not just bring the reset universe to Testing first? they back up the MAIN universe… so why not… its not exactly hard to do it this way… and then once we have (those who actually test things and enjoy it) experienced the reset on testing, bring it to the main game on RELEASE! lol

That would be one way of doing it, but then you run the risk of people not wanting to test it.
It would be better in my opinion, to reset, test balance, have the press come in and do all the stuff the devs want them to, have YouTubers come in, then on launch day do another reset.

But they have a plan, so it doesn’t matter really.

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Hi, i have one questione, why i gain level but my cubit count is 0? Thank you

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Did you check rewards in the exchange? I can’t remember whether cubits are just given or whether it’s a box…

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press “Tab” if you did`t change your control, and go to the exchange menu. You will have boxes to open with the skill points + cubits in it

Thx for reply. Yes, i go in the Exchange menu, i open my box and receive cubit, but the cubit count is 0 :frowning:


if i remember i do not think? you get cubits each level? have not fully noticeed as i always bank my boxes now :slight_smile:

Wait… are you an old character (before the exchange)?

Because i have used an alt lately who was created before the exchange and he is level 14 but does not have as much cubits as my main does at level 11>12

Is my First day in Boundless :slight_smile:

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Why would we reset for day one when we reset early access two weeks earlier? Everybody who joins after day one will be starting from 0 also- there is no difference between a player who joins at day one of pre-release, day one of launch, or day 20 after launch- no more resets of any sort needed.

The idea isn’t to give ps4 an even start- the idea is for them to join an established universe.


this is confused now… so you are saying that… people who play of the wipe (us guys and pre-realesae) will either not level up etc or will get our levels reset on release?

If so i kind of understand… but my point is as follows

  • the do the wipe -we get to play approx one month before everyone else… it does not take long at all to build massive towns/cities in a month…

  • due to the above, the new players might feell a bit bleh about it?

I hope you can understand what i am trying to say now?

Ohhh i see… we are to build the universe and towns they will start off in or something?

Ok, if we wipe on (not a confirmed date!) August 13, we start the 1.0 early access period. There will be no further wipes.
Retail/ps4 players join on Sept 11 to an already established universe. This should feel like joining an established universe, with players of all levels of progression already in game.

This would be the same experience any player has just started playing whether they join day one or day 90- there will always be players further progressed than they are.


just think about us starting in August as the game launch; hundreds players will play and after 11th of September more will join; everyone will do whatever they want, but obviously whatever players start later will see earlier players builds in game - they will start from 0 themselves and its up to them if they want to use any existing players help or not