Cuddles Aggresive?

Are Cuddles Becoming more Aggressive lately they fly deep into ma base to Kill me even lately finding them on the edge of the map in the sky just to kill me they no like :cookie: s


They are learning how to get :cookie: xD


Maybe are you on a sheet or character with less control stat?

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I wish I could record it never seen them fly in a straight line over a massive Beaconed area just for a :cookie:

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have you been working hard lately? i heard they get attracted to the smell of sweat :man_shrugging:


It has been for awhile now, but I noticed the mobs in the last year or so seem to have something that, aside from the hoppers, they didn’t before - a sort of homing radar when not aggro’ed. Hoppers have always homed in but seem to do so faster, and other mobs, while they make some random movements, APPEAR (I could be wrong about this but I think they are doing this) to gradually move in towards your position.

This has caused me to :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: more than a couple times when trying to set up portal base spots on T6s with a character not a hunter (but full control and shadowstep) or mess with my World Control colors. :joy: :flushed: Even if coast is clear at the moment, seem to have like a minute or two before they appear and close in. Interestingly, they seem to appear in and sometimes gravitate towards the spot I’m aiming at, at the time. Interesting and funny is that the roadrunners also look like they do it, have them sometimes wander up to me, run away, repeat, when working on something or farming if I don’t bother to kill them.

I do see a benefit to this though - if this is the case, once again, not sure - that in places like exos it could prevent some botting abuse (I have seen what I think is botting gleam farming in the past on them).


I have noticed this too - and at least since I returned (a few months ago). It seems that now I’ll always get attacked almost every few minutes or so when building, even on a T2 by spitter, or on a T4 by just about anything (except wildstock). Creatures in general do seem to like plotted spaces a lot more, and home in on my location (admittedly slowly) while building, changing world colors, crafting, etc. It has definitely encouraged me to ensure all my alts/skill pages have decent health and preferably damage too.


I have noticed this as well, just wander towards you no matter what and then eventually trigger some sort of aggressive response.

Cuddles are just as bad, i cant figure out how much air space i need to claim to get them to stop spawning or wandering into the area.

It also seems like random mobs spawns are happening closer than i remember. I can clear out mobs in a area and leave the corpse out and then notice that stuff spawns closer to me than i remember.


I’ve noticed a lot more mobs where they shouldn’t be… or maybe they should. Who am I to judge. But definitely see spitters and wild stock in my base underground on Alder sometimes when for a good 2 years they didn’t enter my beaconed area. Perhaps mob spawns have changed over the last update? :man_shrugging:


While hunting on a T3 last weekend I noticed tougher mobs were spawning out of meteors. Maybe we were getting lucky with L3 meteors, however I just about died a couple of times. There was only 2 of us.
Usually such a cakewalk on a T3 planet. I wonder if that is related to more aggressive mobs. Also something i hadn’t seen before (or noticed anyway) was a 9 pack of RR’s hanging out near my base on a T4.

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I think it’s pretty obvious what’s happening here. There’s a serial defeater on the loose, defeating innocent citizens to harvest their blood and splice their DNA with that of newspawned mobs, effectively increasing the intelligence of said mobs.

My mother taught me to always jump to conclusions.


All I can say is that my cloning facilities have nothing to do with the gathering of citizens DNA to enhance the intelligence of local creatures. And even if it did. I couldn’t tell you about it and would have to kill you for your DNA… for other purposes… :eyes::flushed:


They’re evolving.


Although i settle on biitula, i’ve never noticed that. I usually have a hard time getting creatures into beaconed areas when i WANT to :sweat_smile: They have been slowly homing in on locations tho. Georgio sus, vote him out.


just build small moats around your property to help with the ground creatures.

Lava lines are good for wild stock, spitters, roadrunners and hoppers.

They seemed to burn in my roads on my pre build design. As they fel in to the square chiseled lava ledge. We can safely walk over them (to big to fall in) but they don’t.
This was on T3 tough so don’t know if the bigger variation of those mobs can fall in to that ledge.
(If some wonder what im talking about Terra Nova road design. There are other variations of liquid designs that can be used and probably will be more efficient at it)

But on topic have to say yes the mobs appear to be more bold and aggressive even with control and shadow step. Notice this on my runner to, that they agro when they shouldn’t especially on T3, but they do.

I have also observed that, due to the pandemic and lockdowns, cuddles tend to be more intense and aggressive. I suppose social distancing is limiting the number of cuddles so those which materialize, are tough!
Who could imagine cuddles would change like that? But let’s appreciate the safe cuddles we can have even though these are tough times!

ps. I suppose you’re not talking about cuttletrunks? :smiley:



seen some strange things recently since coming back, earlier had some scaffolding put up to get to chisel round an observation tower, grab some more blocks and go back up to find 2 random wildstock chilling out on it, decided not to take the risk of cuddle time with them at the height i’m working with very little protection from being thrown down 50/60 blocks to the floor :unamused:

Grab on for dear life to your build with a grapple and smak them with a tool :wink: they will fall of and you can shout bye bye /wave

means they were only on scaffolding i’d finished with just took the blocks out from under them and watched them do a Wile E Coyote :sunglasses:

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