Curious about how many people live on T6 planets

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We built a guild hall on malk, keeping our old base on trior still though. It’s where my forging and crafting happens. Everything 3k power but we’re going to have a community crafting area on malk with all 7k power.


I’m on Besevrona right now, but will probably be moving to malurialakrib soon for my large diamond mine. If I’m not in my fighter skill set, I usually just book it to my portal as if I just shut off the basement light and still have to climb the stairs. :scream:


I still have my main base on Stochaltin 1 as I’ve put too much time and effort into it to move, it just keeps expanding :slightly_smiling_face: plus there’s enough portals close enough for me to be able to get to pretty much any planet relatively easy. But I do have what I call my hunting lodge on MalariaMcRib which is used as a drop off point for excess materials and to take pot shots at the local wildlife, I pretty much always return home with the death penalty though :laughing:.


I have a big base on Trior but i also have a base I’m starting out on Malurialakrib thats going really well


Base on Galan and a smaller outpost on malariakrib. In the process of shutting down my bases on trior and bitula. I like survival although it’s really not that difficult.


I prefer to have the main base on lvl 3 world and only smaller bases on lvl 5-6 (I built them on Flan and Houchus and I have location on MalariaCrab that I want to use). Lvl 5-6 worlds provide some amazing and inspiring topography and of course it’s nice to have a safe haven on a dangerous world that is close to resources and allows me to take a break in mining/hunting (offloading acquired items, re-supplying tools and food etc.) without going all the way back to the main base. Some basic machinery can let me do part of crafting on the spot before moving more of the loot to the main base and my actual home.


I am living on Galan T6 trying to make a simi safe space / big clame area around some dark glass:D
Im also getting ready for farming there <3

A helix with mod replling on main base would be nice