Curious how to check Sovereign Worlds status and are they auto created or manual

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Submitted a Sovereign World request a few hours ago and nothing back yet on the status. Curious if there is some way to get notified when it’s ready without having to strand around waiting in game for a notification , basicly if there is a portal or anything to check the status?

Also curious if anyone know if the worlds are auto generated when requests are processed, or if they are manual? asking this as it’s sunday, and I’m not sure if I should sit around waiting today, or if the wait time is only M-F due to human intervention needed or what exactly? Don’t want to sit around waiting if there is no chance it will be created today if that makes sense.

Also curious if the World Creation is impacted in anyway due to the chain in ownership of the game, if that is going to cause added delays, etc?

Can take up to 24 hours. And it does take human intervention to get them creating.

Edit: should have mentioned that in the past they have done them on the weekends as well, so as far as I know that still happens.

I know they can take up to 24 hours, however it was also posted in past forums that the world creation time is based on the “Queue” to how many other requests there are and that the world creation only takes 20-30mins.

again back to my first set of questions as your reply only answers one of those… (with some minor edits for clarity)

  1. do they create them on the weekends (specifically today, Sundays, or is there a 0% change of that, and the 24hr timer starts from monday morning?
  2. are they auto generated or manual? (you stated manual, thanks for that)
  3. is there any added delay due to change of ownership of the game that might lead to longer then 24 hours?

lol, didn’t see your edit till after i replied. thanks for clarifying that. .well, lets hope, right? :slight_smile:

It always takes a little longer on the weekends as well.

I can not directly answer this, but I can tell you they are still being generated as several spawned yesterday around this time of day (and some later in the day).

gotcha. well, I’ll keep watching my account then. thanks!

Best place to see if its generated is in the Sanctum, you’ll se it in the sky there. I don’t remember getting any other notification back when I had mine still.

Interesting topic!
I was thinking about booking a sovereign world again (i had one in the past, but i stopped playing, because i didn´t wanna put time into a game, where all my progress might be gone).

I am not sure, if the new owner will leave this system running… will he?

And as a suggestion: I would love to have the monthly fee possible to be charged automatically, because i always forget such things and then my builds are gone.

You get a popup message in the sanctum after the planet spawns.

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So, did it work well with the sovereign world?
And is it safe to rent it now, or should i wait, if the feature will stay in the game?

What do you think?

Still working fine.

I’ve always wondered. In sovereign planet, all your builds will be gone if you’ve missed a single payment with no option of preserving it once you’ll be able to pay again? I’ve always thought renting and building on a sovereign is too much risk not just for the financial aspect of it but the timeliness of payment as well.

Your builds may be gone should a planet expire, but your beacons on the expired planet will be force-reclaimed and thus you will be able to keep the items/blocks/materials/etc that you had on the sovereign.


ah, so it sounds like worlds expiring, will basically do a force reclaim, so at least ya don’t lose any items. that’s good to know.

purchased worked fine, few hours after I asked the questions it, it came online. Kind of wish they send an email as well, since I wasn’t in game when it came online, but whatever. it is, what it is.