Current account support?

Hey I have a question and I’m not sure who to take it to, as it’s an issue I would definitely prefer to detail in DM.

My accounts (steam/forum) aren’t properly linked - I created them separately - and because of that I’m unwilling to attempt the sovereign ordering process.

There’s another point involving an expired domain name so as you can see details about this one are for DM and I’m making the thread hoping it gets me a relevant response.

But also in terms of the post, are we at the point or will there be some announcement of when such issues should be taken directly to the new team?

Immediately this is low priority for me but I’m not sure how many systems it actually involves access to, etc…

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i think both are now your right person…


Low to medium priority - so this can wait until post transition if necessary, as far as I know it involves the forum, steam, and apparently a wonderstruck account that is typically used to link a forum account to a steam account.

So someone who can access all of that. At least seeing steam admin, seeing forum admin, and access to the wonderstruck account? Not sure, I’m guessing :rofl:

They’re not necessarily unified systems so I have no insight into how each system is currently doing in transition. Hence the post.

EDIT: Oh actually definitely discourse admin. If I’m missing a way to change your account email address on this forum some user could guide me. But it appears so far this isn’t possible - requires forum admin action.

Until there is an official announcement on the completion of them taking over, it is probably safe to assume you should not bug Monumental about support issues.


Crucial data, thanks. For now it remains low priority, for me.

Unless someone wants to reach out I will address it when things are clearly post-transition - no need to add to the shuffle. I was just thinking about trying a sovereign and want to make sure all my ducks are in a row. So to speak.

i thought it was possible to change your forum email at

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I guess if I get bored I’ll explore it.

I’ve once peeked into the wonderstruck account associated with my steam account, just to confirm that exists when someone told me about it.

I don’t recall ever looking to see if one was created separately for my forum account. I’ll look into it. I know the discourse interface doesn’t allow you to change this.

End of the day it would be optimal to merge both wonderstruck accounts if both exist, and that’s possible. Even if it’s not I need to make sure that both are routing communications to a valid email server, for sure. I’ll try this a bit and post back here if the wonderstruck account interface solves both problems.

Thanks @HOST

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Just so you know, the Sovereign forms ask you only for the in-game account user that shows up on “X user logging in” and for a character name to verify which account it should be; so the forum account thing kinda doesn’t really matter as far as I can see.


The e-mail I use to pay with has nothing to do with the game for me, apart from the fact that it made a payment.


All right I got my account email changed, for my forum account. It’s not showing in discourse admin yet but it’s showing when I log in to the wonderstruck account page.

Thanks for that, @HOST

I’m unable to log in using the user name displayed when I log in to boundless via steam. I have had an issue with a purchase (as well as separately some earned cubits) in the past so it is possible that someone has already linked that in the past.

There is also no logging in or recovering password using the email address associated with my steam account.

So if I understand you correctly during the sovereign purchase it will ask you for an account name, but all e-mail communications is sent to the address you use for the payment/form?

Because if they sent my keys to the address associated with the name displayed on login I have no idea where it would go, or if it would even reach a live server.

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To be honest I don’t even remember how any of that works anymore, the account links. I mean, that was a while ago for me… :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case yes, the e-mail used to pay is only used for communication, i.e. to send you a receipt and a form for requesting the Sovereign’s creation in detail.

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@Nightstar if this is still an issue, please DM myself and I can look into this for you


Leah we will miss you
Congrats on your fabulous successes you deserve them all

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HOST pointed me at the wonderstruck account page which I had forgotten, and I was able to update my account email there.

After that worked I bought a 3km sovereign, just minutes ago actually. I already have the emails I’m off to play with the configurator I guess.

The forum that says “Email can be updated from SSO provider. Never shown to the public.” is still showing the old address. I don’t know how often it updates but also, it’s not been a problem for two years or so now. Buying a sovereign though I needed to make sure that the emails would go where I could get them :monkey_face:

Thanks for the assurances Leah and if the forum thing updates eventually there’s no need for intervention right now. I got the expected mails and codes so if there’s any problem with the sovereign process I’ll raise a separate issue.

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Thanks for the update! Please let me know if it doesn’t update still or if it causes you any issues and I’ll be happy to help :blush:

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Thank you DK! I’m still around for now, hopefully see you around in game some time! :sparkling_heart: