Current house build

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Here is my current house on the world Trior.

Temporary storage

small temporary machine wall with a tiny tiny skylight

A machine shop with fresh air

My basement in progress

I know its not much at least its something (ツ)_/¯


Its a great start… just make sure you don’t aim to high to fast :wink:.

Also if you need advice happy to help😉

Yeah way better than my first and second

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I have looked at a “base” for a year that made a mud hut look like a castle… so @Fuzzybear1919 can’t imagine it would be worse than that :wink:.

Yeah you don’t know me
It looked worse than a house made outa poo

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My first base was just all the machines with coils in open air and a bunch of storage blocks in a giant wall.


@Rydralain same here as well as several others I know


@Rydralain and @Redlotus the fresh air while crafting is good for our Oortian lungs :wink:.

@Fuzzybear1919 don’t have to know you to know your builds where probably better than that what I mentioned above :wink:.

Looking at where i am now in the past 2,5y ive started over many times. Even changed my mind a lot… did finish a few things (that are gone now). But my main build will with all hope finish some day :wink:. (If I don’t change my mind again).