Curved Blocks

I know TheBirne had a post about round blocks but his was a little different than my suggestions. So if you are a forum Nazi please don’t post yelling about the similarities of this post. Also I understand this is a voxel type game so don’t post “omg that is not a block, we love squares, I love squares, squares, squares, squares…”

Is there a way that we would have a curved block that if placed diagonal to another block would form an arch? Ideally if you placed enough curved blocks together you would get a circle. If you added a regular block after a few curved blocks it would give you a new looking curved wall.

The reason I ask this is because I am going to work on an amphitheater built into a mountain nearby and I am struggling to develop a way to make the rounded walls appear polished and rounded. Please reference the picture for what I am trying to say.


here is how to make a circle in different sizes

i would have to say that i would be against this, because as you mentioned, the game is a voxel game :smile:

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Where is the challenge in building when you have every shape block available I ask myself. I know it would be so much easier to make arches but you can do it with blocks too you know.


I’m only anti the use of that word and believe it has no place in the modern world.

As for your suggestion, I believe that the nearest we’ll get is if/when we can place sloped blocks on their sides. As you said yourself, it is a voxel game and in my opinion, truly curved blocks are outside of the scope of the game.

sheesh those were some fast replies o-o

You need to either improvise or like what Zouls showed, make circles with blocks.


yeah, have you seen my dome? :stuck_out_tongue: If not, head to xewell, follow the blue brick road :smiley:
imo if the semi circle or circle is large enough, the rouch edges actuall make it look better than a smooth circle. just me tho


@ZeusXVII Is that a top down view? You want the outer walls to be a smooth curve? Hmm. Like the others have said, it sort of falls out of the ‘voxel’ aesthetic…it would look cool though.

If you google Minecraft Amphitheater you can peruse previous builds…some of them aren’t half bad!!

Yeah, top down. I was looking around and just found that when the walls are uneven its hard to add in a more cosmetic/uniform look on the outside. I’ll start working on this tonight and see were it gets me. Might do outside the wall so that if it is ugly I can cover it with a fake mountain of sorts ha!.

As others have mentioned, not sure it fits the ‘voxel’ theme, but its an interesting idea nonetheless.

Have you considered whether this would be horizontal only, e.g. walls, or also vertical for things like domes and archways?

It would be subjective to where you placed the next curved blocks. So if diagonal on the ground it would horizontal (flat circle) or if placed diagonal in the air it would form an arch in whichever direction placed.

Also even though it is not voxel theme not sure why one would consider it outside of the scope of the game. We currently have nothing but a theoretical idea of what this game will even be.

Was wondering who made that, it’s very well done :slight_smile:

Thanks! :smile: