Cuttlepunk Spleef Arena | CLOSE FOR BUSINESS |

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I present you the cuttlepunk Spleef Arena!!! La Mancha will be hosting Weekly spleef matches along with the community hunt i lead on fridays! in case you don’t know what spleef is a mini game where the goal is to break blocks underneath your opponent’s feet and make them fall, last Oort standing wins!!! or check out the wiki for more info.

Perhaps you have heard of the matches on the popular article from the Aquazine.


Of course there will be prizes for the winners and participation so come down and check it out! or if PVP is not you game you can always sit on the benches and watch you friends get rekt maybe place a bet or two.

If anyone wants to donate any prizes please let me know and ill include them in the prizes rotation and ill throw a little thank you announcement during the event.

We will be on the cuttlepunk for this matches use this link!!!


  1. Everyone will use the same type of tool, your own skill setup is okay, but you should be prepare. Don’t bring your super slow crafter and expect to win.

  2. The given shovel will be the only tool in your had, no grapplers.

  3. You MUST remain on the floor at all times during the match if you open the door and jump back into your room you lose that match.

  4. Shovels will be provided, if you don’t have full death penalty though either bring your own shovel or you wont participate.

  5. All shovels will be return after the event.

Thank you! i hope you see a lot of you there.

Special thanks to @AmandaPan for the magicalvoxel plan, @Hashmalash for his excellent dome making skills and avatar like powers bending the lava at his will. and also @the-moebius for his help throughout this project.

Check out other punk updates @


Second match is today 5/18/2018 @ 3PM CDT please come 10 mins early if you want to participate so we can break into teams…

Discord channel will be the same;


Spleef event starting in 4 minutes! winner gets a choice of a gem sling bow, 2nd place gets titanium sling, 3rd iron, last place gets coal!!

unfamiliar on how to get here? take Mobius plaza portal in Therka Market.

Then the Arena is hard to miss.




This week winner was @willcrutchley he manage to beat people even without the proper skills. Great job will.

Next match will be next friday 25th same time!!! Anyone welcome to come!


I’ve got them ready for next time, so idk if you guys even stand a chance :joy: my luck is too good!


Oi, peeps!
Next competition will be hosted on 5/25/2018 @3PM CDT please be here 10 minutes prior to split into teams.

This week’s prizes are;
1st 5 teaching pies per team member.
2nd 5 persisting loafs
3nd 5 risottos
4th 5 raw berries


  • Shovel mastery tier 4 for sapphire shovel to one shot blocks.
  • Control - distance you can dig under you opponent’s feet.
  • Dexterity - faster swing speed.

Hope to see you all there!



Hello peeps, new match today in 1 hour from now!!

thanks for the design @Prome3us


Remember to stock up on some foods before the fight :wink:

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Spleef starts now please come on discord and the Arena in La Mancha. for voice but is not required.

So Rumply? you introduced the newest class? Spleefer? XD

we should then make more games for other classes :smiley:

I did not set the shovels locked back up again and someone did not return them can whoever took every shovel please return them.


Hey @Rumplypigskin,

I took 9 from the plinths as they were unguarded like that. So I have 9 in my storage for you otherwise they would have been gone.
I will return them to you the next time I see you in the game but please don’t leave gem tools in the plinths for 1Coin each after the spleef battle, some people might not return them you know…


I think I forgot to return one too, ofc I’ll give it back!

Awesome thanks, I left in such a rush I forgot.

Next spleef match with be held at 3PM CDT on 6/08/2018.

Stay tuned for prizes details :sweat_smile:


6 august or 8 june?! I’m so confused :thinking::hugs:

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June 8th :joy_cat:

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No friday calls this month, I’ll bring my spleefing boots

Hello peeps!!!

sorry about last week there was a lot of things i had to do and i was unable to find someone to take over the match.

The match today is at 3:30 PM - that is 1 hour and 30 minutes from now.
prizes today
1st 1 workbench coil
2nd diamond sling
3rd titanium sling
4th copper sling!!

please be sure to be here 5-10 minutes early to break into teams and pick up a shovel.
rules are listed above, as always we will be using Cuttlepunk discord for voice. cya yall all there!!