Cuttlepunk Stargate: Transfer Station

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Bombo E-eba!

Hello Boundless! It’s my pleasure to share some lovely screenshots of what the Cuttlepunks Guild’s been up to. This project took around 3 weeks total to complete yet it was built in one day! I present to you The Cuttlepunk Stargate: Transfer station! In an effort to connect easier with the community we updated our HUB but connected to 3 major portal networks (as shown below).

PS-Circarpous --------- Ultima-Bessevrona ------ TNT - Circarpous

You wish to connect to us? We have plenty of portals on site for free! Contact @Xyxeron or myself for a portal. Too far from Circarpous? Well lucky for you this HUB is also connected to each regional server: Biitula(US East), Lamblis(EU), Boori(Australia) and Grovidias Te(US West). I’m telling you though these pictures don’t do it justice! Come by and check it out for yourself!

Also the Exploring Fists store will be getting a makeover and with portals now in place we will begin to make sure you can find what you need for less.

Portal to The Colony

Interested in finding out more about what we’re doing? Check out the portal to the Colony, the Punk HQ! You are always welcome to join our community channels on discord and talk with us; and if interested in joining the guild you can always request to join in the recruitment channel.


Thank you to all the punks who shared their ideas while deciding what to do, donated materials, crafted, forged. Special thanks to @Abeloech for overseeing the construction and @Awesie, @AmandaPan, @Laughsatrocks for their building help, along with many others. This may have been a small project but we did it together!


You had to put a pic of your Legoland building… :unamused:

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everything is awesome, when you’re part of a team


Errrrm… k :thinking:

It’ll look nice once is done. Like a before and after. That’s the before, the UGGLE version :see_no_evil:

We still have portals left and have added more for convenience. Links to TNT Circarpous, Ultima Besevrona and PS Circarpous all in one place with added portals to our hubs and HQ which will soon be ready for visits. :slight_smile:

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