Cuttlepunk Stargates - Formerly known as Jeff's

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The Cuttlepunk Stargates
(Formely known as Jeff’s network)

Hello ladies and gentle-Oort! It’s been a big day for the community with the news of 1.0! I would like to take a moment to share the Cuttlepunk’s latest project: The Stargates. We acquired Jeff’s network several months ago and have made some impressive changes over the last couple weeks. The Cuttlepunks are ready to show off the newest look for Jeff’s network!

The Stargates will now follow a simpler design to make it easier to get to your destination. You can reach any server from the main hub near La Mancha Citadel on Vulpto.

The Player Portals
No shopping centers, no strict rules. There’s only 6 player portals per geographical region, so come get yours while there’s still room!.

I Are the Stargates total anarchy?!
We wish! Instead we’re conforming to The Moe System, created by our very own @the-moebius for tagging portals in Aquatopia.


We will continue to provide the uninterrupted service that @Jeffrotheswell as provided since the very beginning, from now to 1.0 and beyond!

The New Map


nice ascii art


credit to @AmandaPan for the map design!


Wow impressive.

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jeff’s portal system - this is the first ever to exist and it gives @Jeffrotheswell a legend status in my eyes - one of the legends gracing the surface of boundless worlds :sunglasses:

cool you took over and keep it alive now for the reminder of time (till the wipe)

so, I think a big THANK YOU is owed to him ( #blamejeff) for providing this net of interplanetary connections - I for sure used it a lot and its through his portals that I truly explored all available planets :grinning:


:sob: our beautiful map @Rumplypigskin :joy: this one is really nice though @AmandaPan


#blamejeff :grin::grin::grin:


time for new one: #thankjeff :sunglasses:
he had enormous impact on playgame with his portal network


and never fear I am still here. will be helping to maintain and expand. :smile_cat:
I ain’t going nowhere :sunglasses:


Amandapan Made it real simple and easy to follow. I like ours but hers won :stuck_out_tongue: thanks for all the help though @willcrutchley.


Love the style!


Why did the rename have to come with moving all the portals and completely abandoning the old network? I used to use Jeffs network to go everywhere - but most of my waypoints for it are now useless since the stations have only empty portal conduit.

A pity - I’ve now been forced to abandon my old habits and join the ranks of people using the Portal Seekers network.


Great question Omni!!!
The change in some of the connections (Munteen and Vulpto) came about the limited space in each HUB specially for player portals and new universe connections.

As you can see from the lastest update that jeff made you had to make several jumps to get from one end to the other.

With the new change we have more room for expansions, shorter distances from one end of the Galaxy to the other. So although every change in the HUB is hard we tried making the change overnight and provide a detailed explanation of the new make up. Some of the portals leading to old connections are not officially ranned by Jeff so they remain until the owner Changes them around.

Every connection besides Munteen and Vulpto remain the same so business should continue as usual. Of course if you have any feedback it would be appreciated. So is not just a name change, now Jeff has the help of the the guild he helped found and has gone through some extraordinary structure changes. So I do hope the change of routine is a minor inconvenience when we look at keeping the Jeffro network alive and well and future proof.


if you’d like we can make a spot for you at the munteen hub, you’re trying to get to munteen paradise?
there’s also already a connection to there, it’s how I used to get to my base from Munteen Paradise, it’s just through the portal downstairs (there’s a sign currently that says welcome to Cuttlestone Castle on the floor in front of a portal), that goes to The Meat Locker on Therka and then to your right is a portal that goes to Munteen Paradise, 4 or 5 plots away from your old shop location. (that portal in Munteen Paradise says “The Meat Locker” and is decorated with glacier)

but of course I can set up a portal for you that goes straight there, just let me know :slight_smile: