So what’s going on with the cuttletrunks? I had one follow me legit for 15 minutes all the WAY across Serpensarindi only to get one shotted and murdered at where I was gonna mine.

Is this intended? Why do they follow you forever? I’ve never played a game where aggro lasted longer than a minute or two. Are the cuttletrunks just stupid dumb or bugged?

Can the devs do anything about this?

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They break agro at a range, but since cuttles are fast enough to outrun most players, they easily keep up.

If you’re unable to fight them off, try kiting them through trees.

My agility is maxxed out, I do have a bit of a head start on them, but they always eventually catch up and murder me. It’s frustrating, very. Dying over and over again by a cuttletrunk with a personal vendetta against white colored Boundlinians. ._.

Well, not heard it called that before!

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Thanks for clearing that up Piraten! I never came across that post.

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It seemed apropos for the name of the characters you play :hugs: