Daily log in bonus

I have a ton of relics I never opened, some rare ones too, from when they unvaulted certain primes, i did love it but was at end game and playing hours of survival mode gets a bit tedious when you’ve done it 100 times.

Dont apogise for having your own opinion, I like to hear other people’s take on things, it often gives food for thought. If we all agreed on everything the world would be a boring place. :wink:

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I can agree with that, but that’s when I’ll go fishing or try something else out
That way I can just come back to it later, refreshed

This has become off-topic, my bad y’all XD
Please continue the discussion

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I’ve never really played games with login bonuses or not that I’ve noticed, I don’t really care about them in boundless as they are pointless now that im months in, although they do come in handy at the start. I didnt know about hubs or where to find things and I was trying to warp everywhere like an idiot lol. Anyway if they were to change it, what if it gave you buffs instead + the coin but buffs wouldn’t be daily, that way your not logging in to collect anything but if you log in you get more of an enhancement to gameplay than reward. maybe you could choose one for hunter/builder/gatherer or it could be random, that way anyone, even new players have access to them, who i think would benefit the most or those without a guild tbf. I think this could be acceptable but I don’t really know what buffs you get, I just accept what I’m given :sweat_smile: so if anyone thinks this could be good maybe they could better suggest what buffs?