Daily Quests


Was thinking it would be nice to have daily quests.
Three quest that would change daily and reward a small amount of cubits (25-50)

Chop 1 stack of lustrous wood - reward 25 cubits
Mine 1 stack of metamorphic rock - reward 25 cubits
Mine 100 diamonds - reward 50 cubits

And say completing all three would give you a bonus of 50 cubits.

If you dont collect the cubits they’d be lost on daily reset.

Other possible quest.
Kill X amount of creatures
Collect X amount of whatever.
Complete so many meteors.
Chisel so many blocks.


There has been several topics about daily quests before. If those would come available one day I hope it wouldn’t be some forced ones to do.

It would be more interesting to have able to choose quest by theme, so that players wouldn’t get to side tracks when they knew what they want to do :slight_smile:


Yeah figured it would have been brought up as it seems to be an easy way to keep people logging in and occupied. Some people need some kind of goal and reward. And someday you just don’t know what to do. But if you could just see what your dailies were you could just overlap them with something you need to do anyways.


I’m all for daily quests/tasks as long as it doesn’t lead to time-gated exclusive content. Extra cubits or even just coin would always be a welcome bonus.


Bash 100 Skulls = Priceless


dont need cubits. give me resources or coin.


You know it.
image https://media.tenor.com/images/51d1ba8921c55ab29bc438768e1696f4/tenor.gif


Quest to collect oat seeds then grow them:

Sow Your Wild Oats!

… Sorry, can’t help myself sometimes. I’m bad. :joy: Serious note, I do love the idea of daily quests, would give some players login incentive for sure I think.


I am just curious why you link it to cubit versus XP gain?

Considering how many XP a cubit can be worth I would assume the quests would need to be pretty extensive.


You can only buy cubits with real money. And gain them from levelling.
So another way to gain cubits would be nice.
I use to play Fortnite Save the world. They had daily’s which I would always try and do. You would get there main currency(like cubits) which could be traded in for skins or lamas. And clearly they have an extremely successful game.
Having something like this would get people coming back. Especially new players when plots are most needed.
Or even a log in bonus everyday. Once you’re in the game you’d probably going to get drawn in by something.


So how is just giving people XP for their quests not enough of a solution? Enough XP and they will get cubits…


You won’t gain enough xp to gain a level to get cubits. It’s another way to get cubits. You already gain xp from everything else in game so most people won’t do them for just xp. That’s why ive never done the journel. And I’m sure most other people haven’t unless they are trophy hunters.
If you got cubits for the journel it would be done.
Would you do daily’s for 5000xp each? Probably not.
Would you do them for 25 cubits?
I would.


Ahh thanks for explaining. Yeah this is why I would be against it. It is a short cut to get Cubits which is against the way we need to work to get them. Either pay real cash or work for those XP.


Well for me and everyone else that is chasing cubits for plots it’s needed.
I buy gleam club and cubits. And I gain 1-2 levels a day. But most people don’t want to have to buy cubits. If you went off the Fortnite model. You’d get 1 daily a day. Until you have 3 max after 3 days. You can reset one per day if it’s something you don’t want to do. And would randomly pick another. The same one can pop up again just like that damn loot magnet. Lol. So really more like 25 cubits a day. Which gets you no plots. But still at least it’s something.


Drown Orrian in the Iconicsburg Sword lake = Ownership of Hive. Or 5 cubits either one! :smirk:


That’s weird… my daily quest was to save Orrian from drowning. Huh. Maybe I’ll reroll.


That’s weird. Mine was make sure everyone dies in the lake…? Hrmmm.


They never said you can’t revive them after!

See!? Everyone can win!

PS Can we get a Netflix series where did have daily quests like these?


Oh… well, that explains the whole corpses in the pond incident finally! :rofl:


:flushed: what corpse in the lake…? :point_right::skull:Lol.