Damage Indication

During my initial play-through I had a bit of a rough time realizing when I had taken damage, so I’d like to see a better damage indication like maybe a small tint of red around the border of the screen or something similar to that. At one point I was being hit by a monster and didn’t even notice actually.


To clarify this I did have the sound low on my game and I did notice that there was a damage SFX at the time but I do feel that a more visual indication is lacking.

I’ve had the same Problems a few times. I ALWAYS play MMo/RPG without Sound and it’s realy hard to indicate damage if there is no visual feedback. I’d go for the

that’s something that worked pretty well in GW2.


red border around the screen works not only in gw2, it works in the most mmo.

many player like heurazio play without sound so they often die because they dont see that they get dmg throw anything(fall dmg, enemy, lave, etc…).

and some players still have no headset or something like.

thats the ground why i think we need that damage indicator around the screen too

and if you add a damage indecator, than you can add a indecator for healing too maybe in green color.

@james Is there currently an idea for a Damage Indicator of some sort?

I think Bioshock Infinite did the visuals cues very well, where your screen would crack yellow and rupture if your shields got taken down, but would then pulse yellow again when they regenerated. For your health, there were differening intensities of screen ruptures/movements accompanied by tones of red to indicate when you were taking damage, and how much health you had left.