Dance emoji sadness πŸ˜”

I can’t do a dance emoji while in the air :pensive: it merely provides a chat notification but no animation.
please let me dab mid-flight/between grapples.


It actually seems like a bug. No animations can play while you are flying, including hammer/block animates for breaking/placing blocks.

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Oh I didn’t notice that. Good to know, ty.

Yeah, the first couple of times I did not get the block place animation I was like β€œwhat the…” and it is definitely from me flying.

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Not sure if that’s the same you don’t take the flying/surfing pose between grapples, right?

I’ve never tried to emote or edit anything while grappling around though :rofl:

Hmm, or grappled around in 3rd person view tbh.

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Both. Just tried again. No animations during flight in creatives and no animations between grapples :sob: but to be fair, it’s never played the animation for a /wave between grapples either.

You would have to be getting some pretty good air time!


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Pff, always

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It seems like any action overrides any current action. ie: waving while dancing cancels dancing.

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But falling cancels actions too it seems : (

Smh. Are you coolpants and coolshirts simultaneously? No. Why should you fly and dab simultaneously then?



Case closed

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