[Danus VIII] --[Savage Rift Exoworld]--

looking for MUD and TANGLES

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Sorry, afraid I didn’t save that spot - not sure what the stone type was the gleam was embedded in there. Sure is pretty though!! :slight_smile: If I see it again I’ll make note!

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PS Norkyna hub


thx, that would be very nice from you

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do you have an image from the gleam spot ?


and scattered single gleam blocks in rocks all around


I’m seeing blank images… is that just me?

i can see all images reload the page perhaps it will be gone

I did a few times, but I’m still seeing blank images.

perhaps restart the pc , i didn t now what to do else

Well, this is my work computer haha, so I’ll just check it again when I get home. Anyway, with the gleam, are there only single spots available, or is there a cluster of gleam somewhere?

seems that there are just single spots maximum 2 in a cluster

someone found clams under water.

They have around 12 pearls in them. Bring a friend and healing bombs.

Your work probably blocks discord which is where the images are hosted.

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Completed atlases and some free location tokens ready at the usual place at Exo Explorers on Lasaina (main portals from TNT Megahub and PS Hub Boori).

Also took some resource in atlas pictures for the curious


That’s exactly what it appears to be.

Decent amount of gleam (all singles still…but lots) at…
565N 1,365E altitude 67