Dark Blood?

Where do I find this ingredient? I’ve got plenty of ruby and need this next.

good site to check if you didnt know is http://boundlesscrafting.com/

I use that site all the time. It tells me that the material exists, but it doesn’t tell me how to get it. it is not crafted.

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Dark blood is found on the bodys of spiters. Its a rare drop. I think if you travel to a moon or ring world you have a better chance of finding it as “I think” higher tier monsters have a better chance of droping it.


I have found it on ringworlds, dropped by high tier spitters.

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I find it on elopor all the time along with all the pond meat I can eat!


All high tier creatures have a chance to drop it. You need to go to a hostile “ring world” to get the best chance of drops. Bring pleanty of health brews, some monsters hit for 4000.


I’ll update the site with that info as well :wink:


The game pulls a great gamblers fallacy with you, I think all creatures have the same drop chance. However spitters are where it’s at. Within an hour for me spitters were almost a 96% drop rate, while most other creatures were closer to 20%

Could you also update the ore to tell which quality item is needed to mine them. For example silver needs iron or higher, ruby is gold, so on so forth.


Yup - I’ll add that in as well (hopefully some time soon!)


One of the updates done… more tomorrow :wink:

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Strange… Been hunting large monsters on Ring worlds for a few days straight now, and I’ve not gotten a single drop of Dark Blood. I used to get it fairly consistently. Was their a balance change made? I’d be willing to trade Refined Rubies for Dark Blood.

Have you tried the moons?, I have better luck on them then the ring planet. Sadly the dark blood is probably worth more than the ruby :sweat_smile:.

I have some you can get, if you on therka or septerfon
Im on market, got 7

I’ll hit up the market, and check moons too

I sell 10x Dark Blood on my Therka shop.

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I think I have some darkblood in Berlyn, have to check though. I can just give you all I have. If I don’t have any there, I would have to warp to Solum where I have like 10 or 15. I can’t really build anything with them so I am willing to just give em away. But if I have to warp, you might have to cover the cost, I only have like 200 coin.

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I can get you all my darkblood, just let me know when you will be on

hopping on now
edit: Good doing business with ya!