Dark Challenge

So I made a pit and I came up with this idea.



Basically I challenge you creative puzzle types to create a maze that relies on the use of light to guide you, and of course put a beacon on your creations if possible so no one can torch the place. Be sure to add tricky or risky spots, forcing you to use a grappling hook so you lose the guidance of light for a bit, or even much deeper pits so even your light can’t penetrate the darkness. When sign boards become craftable you can even give people riddles to guide the clever and harass the rest.

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Cool idea! I am also working on a little parkour with blocks in the air to grappling hook to other places.

but you could still hold a torch which would provide light around you…

not while swinging with a grappling hook!

I wonder what happens when trapdoors will be included into the game. In a 3dimensional maze, a trapd. could lead to falling down a shaft, straight onto a leany bouncy block, which again boosts you to the next chamber or part of the maze.

One could build such structs without assembling the bouncy blocks and give the player the opportunity to set them up at the right places, although I believe this is typical trial an error.

Therefore I think the surprise moment after falling down a long way and being catapulted into a wallsmack, falling down again a long way, bouncing into a wallsmack could be funny, maybe.

Fantastic would be unknowingly walking around in a tunnel system. And trigger a trapdoor, which leads straight down a long way into a water-basin cave. This could be already illuminated or completely dark. Completely dark would be awesome. Because after falling all the way down into complete darkness, the water splash sound effect could be the surprise moment. Light a torch (which must have gone out somehow while falling) and be even more surprised where you’re at.

Even cooler would be, to fall into a chamber straight onto a floor-plate-trigger. Which turns on time-shifted (by resistor-blocks?) light arrays.

I hope this is positively inspirational. Personally I like these ideas, but I would be interested what u think about it and if you would enhance or optimize them :wink:

it would be fun indeed but it cant be made yet, unfortunally

I love your train of thought.

Partially, yes of course. But mazing around in a pyramid would be possible i thinx.