Dark Gods require Dark Goods

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From now on, every week, at a random day, at a random time, I will be putting coin into these two unique baskets on Antar VI. (decoration is a work-in-progress but suggestions are welcome)

The Dark Gods will pay 606 coin for: ONE Dark Red pigment – and 606 coin for either: ONE Fresh Blood or ONE Viscous Blood.

The Cultist Fortress can be reached via Nova Golda (Trung, NerArth personal portal, has TNT connection), Endor (Antar VI, Ultima connection) and Anterra (Antar VI, TNT connection).

As the sun sets on Antar VI, dark rituals find their way underground…

Who will reach the dark altar first and proclaim their devotion?

(PS: I’m doing this as a fun idea to see what “interactivity” can mean for a build. If this has some success, I will be doing this for my upcoming Kol Huroo shrine eventually, too. :smiley:)


Those who turn from the light for the favor of the Dark Gods, beware!

The Dark ones promise wealth for what you may consider simple offerings of flesh and blood, but their true prize is your soul! Their bargain is your eternal torment!


Very cool RP build! I give it the havok seal of approval!


Lol. I have a store at the Tower of Power called Lucifer’s Exchange. I put things there for free. But always read the fine print. As taking anything puts you in a binding contract with the lord of darkness for your soul. Thank you. Come again!


Dark Red pigment! Darn Im not home.