Data Spreadsheet

So, I’ve been messing around with a spreadsheet that automatically updates as game patches are pushed to Steam:

It’s set up so that you should be able to (relatively) easily pull data from the spreadsheet, for use in your own projects. Additionally, I’m leveraging @Okkelinor’s excellent world color spreadsheet to generate lists of available item/color pairs (and where to find them).

I’m trying my best to hide game data that isn’t available to us yet (aka spoilers). Please let me know if you see something that shouldn’t be there, or know of things that are missing!

I’m hoping that people will find it useful!


Wow, that is super useful! and all of that info will update on patch? VERY nice.

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Yup! Though, let’s be honest, it’ll probably break from time to time :stuck_out_tongue: There’s a lot of moving parts behind the scenes to make this happen automatically

Also, a second spreadsheet that auto-updates for testing patches:

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Well this is going to make my project, Much, Much easier to compile.

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Heya, There seems to be a few errors with this things pulled data;

  • Bulk and Mass Craft calculations for smelting that are not available ingame
  • All Fresh Vital Essence recipes are showing bones instead of their respective requirements.

I noticed both of these when double checking the data in my Item Estimator after last update for LED Blocks.

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Doh! I’ll try to dig into those in the next few days; thanks for flagging :+1:


For the bulk and mass furnace options, they are in the game files, so there is likely no error there

Thank you for providing this! I’m putting the known gatherable colors into a searchable table. Having a sheet with that info combined already saves me a lot of time. :100: :trophy:

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Is there any way you can add a tab that has the colors grouped by their primary name? Here’s a really slapped together js implementation of what I mean: