Dead oortians

So, are oortstones the organic remains of the dead oortians race, compressed over millions of years, much like dinosaurs/oil?

And then all their planets exploded (which must have been made from warp stones, I guess that’s why they were unstable) raining meteorites through the galaxy after further millions of years?

And what do we do with the remains of these once noble creatures, use them to power a portal so we don’t have to walk for 5 minutes to buy some inky leaves, cos we can’t be arsed to collect them ourselves!

If you can’t tell already I have not read any of the lore, this is purely my own personal speculation :thinking:

Don’t think so? But it’s now my head-canon. >:)

Seeing as Oortstones come from meteors it’s more likely that the ancient Oortians also discovered how to use this gemstone for powering their portals and technology.