Dear Wonderstruck,

I find myself obliged to inform you that a terrifying enemy is infiltrating the universe and possessing our tools and weapons. It is unclear exactly what this invisible enemy is but the destruction to bases and random placement of blocks is evident. Please call an exorcist. Thanks.



whatever your holding doesnt activate on its own whenever you escape out of an inventory or machine? Its happening to several of us.


Oh no, that happens. It just doesn’t matter when you’re a measly peon like me who doesn’t have max forged gem tools to equip hahaha.

I was confused by the wording as well, but I’ve been getting this too. quite annoying as I have remapped the interact button with the enter key so every time i send a message in chat i’m opening a machine or interacting with a player that’s in front of me heh

It’s most annoying when it activates my gem changing Chisel.

my teamate and I were really excited when he forged a +str 3x3 diamond hammer, until he was in the room above me and my ceiling came crashing down on me this morning :joy:

At least it wasn’t a bomb? :boom:

I noticed this too when I was playing with my keyboard and mouse. Fortunately my preferred method has always been a controller, where the issue doesn’t occur.

make a proper bug report pls >.< and change the thread topic to support

It was only one time! And I nearly cried lol.

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Yes, it happens. Z inside your basement is a good option.