Dear Wonderstruck


This is Steven. He has terminal cancer. He creates art every single day. He has a great spirit and given how fresh development is for Wonderstruck and with the christmas season coming up I was hoping you’d consider creating something permanent in Boundless for this boundless young dreamer.

I was choking back tears about his whole situation and I love his humble honesty.

Please think about

This is Steven

I especially like his dodo bird from the 15th with the heart on it.


Thats very sad to hear.
But could you explain the connection to this specific game?
I’m not sure I get it.


I don’t want to hurt your feelings, but there are too many people with life threatening conditions/etc. around the world. You can’t just create permanent things for all of them, especially because i can’t see the connection between him and boundless.


You can’t change the world for everyone. Don’t even try. You can however change the world for someone and that’s worth it every time. Love is one of very few things in life that giving away, gives back more. If you’re looking for a specific reason to show love, you’re doing it wrong.

I believe Steven deserves everything I can do to help him and that’s the purpose of this post. There are ways to lend tribute to someone without being too specific.

As a charitable person, I don’t ask someone requesting my charity to justify it. He’s not asking. I’m simply offering.


I’ll donate 80 plots if you would wanna build something


I used to play Star Trek Online. A Few years back, a player got extremely ill and later died of that illness. The developers didn’t know the guy but a few of the other players did. They simply asked the dev team if there would be any chance of having a memorial placed in any of the social zones in the game as a mark of respect and as a symbol of how much the guy love to play the game.

A few weeks later, after an update, a memorial appeared in the Star Fleet Academy social zone. That memorial is there to this day and is dedicated to any and all players whom may have passed.

Just saying. :slight_smile:


We are all terminal, we are all dying from the day of our birth. The difference is, some people know what will kill them. Others do not, one of us may die tomorrow, maybe even tonight.


I used to play STO. I have a lifetime sub from yeaaaaaaaaaars ago.


If Steven played boundless I would get it. But like, is this memorial for you or for him? Not being a jerk by any means. Whatever he is involved in, setting up something nice in those areas of interest is what will mean more to him. I totally agree if he had anything to do with Boundless. But he doesn’t and he will never even know about it.

If I were you , and you felt motivated to help him. Contact him, spark up some chat with him, and find out what he plays, where he plays, and maybe talk with his family, ask what he would like most. An in game piece, of a game you play, isn’t for him.


If he plays boundless, thats for him to mention. Not for me.


My grandpa died, please put up a memorial.

I feel bad for the kid, I do but he probably never heard of Boundless before.

Would be much better if they put something up for all the players that unfortunately left us forever.


It is with a heavy heart I am letting the community know that Steven has passed away. I wish I had more to say, but I am at a loss for words. Cherish your loved ones. Every heart beating is an opportunity to love.


Sorry for your loss, noise :frowning: was he your son?


Steven was a friend.


So you going to make him a memorial?


Sorry to hear that @noise